Thursday, July 9, 2009

Checking Out The Out Buildings!

This morning I headed off to an estate sale.

This sale was advertised as a phase 1 sale.

This sale consisted of the garage and outbuildings which meant, a lot of "guy things".

I don't mind these sales though as there are actually a lot of things I find.

I'm always in the market for old hardware and these are great places to find them.

Here is one of the first things I found.

Of course it was filled with screws, bolts etc...

I didn't really want that but maybe there was something in there #1 would want.

This is a homemade box.

It looks like it was made from an old crate.

The drawers are interesting too as they are old cheese boxes.

Pretty cleaver!

Here is another couple of drawers I found, these are attached to each other.

Lots of little compartments inside of it.

While cleaning these items I wondered what the gentleman would have thought of those of us who like these great old chippy items.

Here I am washing items that were meant for a mechanices garage.

Taking it inside a house and putting little craft items in it or displaying vintage pretties inside of it.

He probably would of thought I was pretty silly.

I also found a box of small old jars with labels.

Here is an old tub I found under a pile of junk.

Wouldn't this be great with flowers in it.

Or maybe for a party filled with ice and cold pop.

I enjoy those digger sales.

None of this high end prissy stuff for me, show me the garage!

I love getting my hands dirty searching for fun finds.

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Sammy Girl said...

Debbie! WOW! That was a super estate sale ... the kind we all dream about finding! (Especially the RED cabinet made from cheese boxes ... YUM!)
Wishing you many more fab "diggers" ...
Hugs -
Betty :)

Nancy said...

Those are really neat things! I like the red box made from the cheese boxes...that was very resourceful the the man who built it. Have fun with your new things!


Lisa said...

Love it all! Well Done!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Were you in my g'pas garage? Chuckle! G'pa made an entire wall in his garage, of drawers made from those kinds of cheese boxes, used this type of jar where the lid was nailed into a board hanging up & the jars just screwed into the lid ... Whoa! the memories you just brought back to me. I hated leaving those drawers when we closed down the estate. Good finds. TTFN ~ Marydon

The Attic said...

Great finds and my favorite is the tub. Couldn't... wouldn't sell it if I found that! Those stacking drawers are pretty special too! Have never seen anything like them. I found a cool old metal typewriter stand today with wood wheels. It's from the 40's. You should check out this industrial site here just for fun.

June said...

You found some great stuff! I love those kinds of sales. That red cabinet is so cool. I could find a lot of uses for that treasure.

Deb said...

Such great finds! The red cabinet made from cheese boxes is so unique & fabulous!

Felicia said...

What aweome finds. Love that handmade box :)

Tamerie Shriver said...

You really scored! You really do have to love digging to find all the best stuff.

Kim G. said...

Oh I LOVE it all! The tub is fabulous! I have phase 1 estate sale envy!

Karen Valentine said...

It's a junkers paradise!!! I love it when I get a good haul! I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I might head out tomorrow morning and see if anyone is brave enough to have a garage sale in the heat. It's suppose to be 114 tomorrow!!! Have a great weekend.

My Desert Cottage

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love that scale! Like you, I like to look for things guys would like to buy. I have sold many WWII things in my space - hard to find, but they go fast.


miss gracies house said...

Love that scale...I love to dig too.