Monday, August 10, 2009

Blueberry Picking!

Have you ever picked blueberries?

If so, you know that each little blueberry is like a piece of gold.

You don't want to drop any because it takes so many to fill up a container.

This morning my mother, my son and myself went blueberry picking.

My son always loves grab a handful of blueberries from the freezer when he can.

I'm a little stingy with the blueberries as I always want to save them for blueberry muffins.

I know how long it takes to pick those tiny things.

Well, today I told him, "Jon, go ahead and eat as many as you like while you pick, get your fill!"

Since he had been picking for awhile his response was, "Mom, eating them is an insufficient use of my time!"

I think he realized the time and effort it takes to pick those sweet little blueberries.

I had to laugh!

We only picked 20 lbs as the sun was getting hotter and we were getting warmer.

But, we had a good time and ended our picking with a Starbucks to cool us off!

Do you have wonderful recipes with blueberries?


colbycottage said...

What a fun day, I love blueberry picking!!! We haven't got enough yet but will be going again soon. I love to have lots stored up so I'm not to stingy with them. Love Kath

brenda sue said...

I love you all and all of your blueberry picking. you are amazing!

June said...

Hi Debbie,
I LOVE blueberries! I'm like your son, I like to get handfuls out of the freezer and snack on them. About every morning I make my smoothie with organic yogurt, blueberries and a banana. Very filling and very yummy.

Lisa said...

Yummy! lovely pics!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie , Long time no see. The window at monticello is beautiful ( I see you sold a dresser already - hooray!) You do such a great job , will set up my new space for me? :0) Sue