Sunday, March 27, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs

I don't raise chickens but I sure do admire all the fabulous chicken coops I see out there.

I was fortunate today to have a friend share her beautiful chicken eggs with me.

I wish you could see how small they are and how really beautiful the colors are.

My photos do not do them justice.

There wasn't a white egg in the bunch.

It sounds silly but they're almost too pretty to eat!


Florence said...

Oh you are so right, a perfect touch of spring. Florence

Anonymous said...

We used to raise cickens for the eggs but now we live in town & can't. They were a lot of fun but very expensive! It was cheaper to buy the eggs in the store!!

Cindy said...

Aren't they beautiful! My friend bought some last year at the farmers market, and i was in awe of the beautiful colors, i had no idea that there was such a range of color in chicken's eggs...


Marie said...

Hi Debby - I agree with you about these eggs, their colors are so beautiful that makes me want to raise chicken. Then also the chicken coops are so pretty to look at. I'm thinking about it again. Happy Monday!

A Cottage Muse said...

The colors are beautiful! I never expected that!