Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Close of a Week-End!

Well, the week-end is coming to a close.

Insert "sad face".

I've had this past week off and let me tell you, "I loved it!".

I had a lot of fun going to thrift stores in the morning, doing a little sewing in the afternoons.

One project I got done was changing out the door panels of my hutch.

In one of my previous post I showed you the great cabinet I found.

I loved it, panels and all but being that it was in my dining room and I had all my ironstone in it, I wanted to be able to see it.

So I told my #1 what my plan was and he was willing to do it for me.

So, knowing glass for this cabinet would cost me around $24.00 a sheet, and I needed two, I decided to head to the Rebuilders Center and find an old window.

$4.00, a lot better!

So my sweet hubs took the glass out, did a little cutting then put it in the inside of the doors, framing each piece.

He does such a good job!

So, here's what it looks like now....WONDERFUL!

If I ever decide I want to put this cabinet somewhere else in my house, I've kept the inside panels just in case.

But for now I'm enjoying seeing what is on the inside of my cabinet!

Lastly, pillows ... I made quite a few of those this week.

Here is one that I kept for myself.

I found this wonderful fabric it reminded me of an old French Grain Sack, pretty expensive fabric but I loved it!

So, one stayed with me and two went to the shop.

Thank you for stopping by!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

You are lucky you have a handy hubby! That cabinet is much better after it was tweaked with glass. Good to see you ever so briefly this past weekend!


Great job with the cubbord and I like the pillows as well. Have a great week. HUGS MARY

All That Jazz said...

That cabinet looks fabulous! Wow! Your hubby is talented. Smart of you to find an old window, too! Keeps in line with the character of the piece, too.
The pillow turned out great, I want to make some like that too. Is the fabric old or "made to look old?"

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Gorgeous...all of it! Love how you made do with the $4.00 window glass (which probably has more character anyway) Great job!
Blessings and Hugs,

stefanie said...

its beautiful!

sissie said...

Love the glass doors, it really opens up the cabinet for pretty displays.

Love your home.


A Thing for Roses said...

That cabinet was gorgeous to begin with, but I love it even more now with the glass doors. Perfection! BTW,I wanted to let you know that I bought the tall glass lamp you had in the Garden Show. It's now living happily in my living room.

Monticello Staff said...

Way to go Bob! Now you can see all those beautiful treasures! ~Joyce

June said...

This cabinet is so great! I really love it with the glass in the doors. Don't you love a 'handy man'?
I also am crazy for your tablecloth my friend.
sending hugs...

chicroses said...

Just looking at different blogs and always enjoy lurking to see what new things you are going to put up for sale. Love the cabinet and I am blessed with a hubby that can do this woodworking stuff also.We just opened an antique store called Minnie Jane's. So if you get a chance to check out my the pillow..sally

Florence said...

Love the new look of the cabinet, and yes the pillow too. Enjoy your week. Hugs! Florence

24 Homes said...

Hi Debbie,
what a wonderful photos and great furniture. Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. You have a new follower :)
Greetings from the Netherlands,