Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Curve Ball

Sometimes life just throws you a curve!

This week we found out that our son might not be able to graduate from High School!

Wow, what a disappointment for all of us.

Apparently, he does not have enough hour or credits.

He is currently with an on-line school but since he was home-schooled his Freshman year our state does not give credits for this one more year is required.

His advisor is still doing some checking but this looks like what we're looking at.

You might ask yourself, "Why didn't you know that before now?"

Well, this summer when my son was signing up for his classes.... the lady on the other end of the phone told him that if he wanted to graduate this year he would have to add a few more classes to his load, which he did.

Apparently, the school went through some personnel changes due to problems in house.

So, this information was not accurate.

Then to add another little curve.

The on-line school he is currently with is closing its doors as they were bought out my another on-line school.

Which...when I spoke with one of his teachers last week, it has been bought out again!

When I received the email regarding the school closing I'm afraid my first reaction was, "Whew graduating just in time!"


So, when life throws you a curve you say, "What exciting things does God have planned for us this year!"

And then you sit back and enjoy the ride!

I hope my son has the same attitude!


sweetpea said...

debbie, i hope it all works out. it seems you are handling it with grace and sometimes that's all you can do.



Sandi said...

That is quite a curve ball indeed. I do hope your son isn't too upset, but I can understand if he would be. Crazy!!

Annie Louise said...

I know this is hard to understand right now, but I believe God has a plan for everything. I home schooled my niece and nephew. My niece graduated from High school two years ago, and my nephew about 8 days ago. I completely understand how challenging it is to keep up on the amounts of credit/hours one has earned and making sure they have enough to graduate, especially if the school administration keeps changing. I wish you and your son the best. Keeping you in my thoughts and prays,

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie
Well, that is a bit of a curve ball but you are handling it exactly as I knew you would :)
My niece graduated from one of the Hllsboro High Schools. A week before graduation they told her that she was missing credits. They let her walk with her class but she lost college scholarship money. I guess it happens alot :(
I'll be praying for the 3 of you.
See you Saturday
ps Joe started on the one job , second people still haven't committed yet. Thanks for all your prayers.

Butterbean Row said...

What a disappointment that your son can't graduate! You have a good attitude though. God has a plan.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it just seems to rain "junk".......
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Anonymous said...

This exact same thing happened to friends of ours. Their son was doing open access - basically his high schooling on line, and he was advised what extra to take on to graduate, and it turned out to be not enough. Hope it works out.


Emma said...

Heyyyyyyy auntie Debbie your blog looks great!!!!!!!