Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Ready For The Fall Show!

Things are hopping around here!

In only a couple of weeks we will be setting up for the Fall Show at Monticello.

I am feeling a little claustrophobic as all the items for the show are beginning to fill up our home.

Underneath all the fabric on the above photo is a chair.

A wonderful old vintage chair.

It's in very sad shape but I had big plans for it...I don't know if that project will be done.

Why do I do that?

We brought home a lot of wonderful items this week-end, I wish I would have taken pictures of the van it was packed!

In the midst of getting ready for the show I thought it was way past time to rip up the deck and put a new one down!

What's one more project!

We're half way there, one more half of the deck to complete!

If you're in the area be sure to stop by the Monticello for the Fall Show.

It opens Septembr 9th, at 8:00 in the morning!

It should be another great show!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow... In your 3rd photo is a basket just like the one I have. My basket was a market basket that my G-G-Aunt used around the turn of the century!!
Have a Great Day!!

Sandi said...

Sure wish you lived closer to me. I would go to that show!! Your goodies look wonderful.

esss said...

Wow, so much creative talent. I love it! It’s all so inspiring!
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Madison Rose Vintage said...

Love that white birdcage. What a sweet find!

Into Vintage said...

Looking forward to checking it out on Friday -- it's always a stunning & inspiring show. :-)

Anonymous said...

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