Thursday, March 1, 2012

In The Mood For PINK

This morning we woke up to a soft dusting of snow.

The way they were talking on the radio, I thought it was going to be at least 6" of snow out there!

I rushed outside to take a quick picture of my Camellia bush but as you can see the snow was pretty wet and had already started melting.

Yesterday evening, I was fortunate to find spray roses.

I love spray roses at the grocery store!

Aren't they a wonderful shade of pink?

I love drying spray roses.

These are very petite and dry beautifully.

I must have been in a pink mood because I also found a soft pink sweater as well as a blouse.

I don't know, sometimes it just works that way!


Florence said...

I love the pink and those roses are beautiful! By the way we did get 6 inches snow yesterday am. It was beautiful! Hugs! Florence

Cindy said...

I love the spray roses too, they come in the prettiest shades of pink, and they usually don't cost as much. Your pink camelia is heavenly too.


Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love pink. Little touches of it make me happy. What beautiful photos! Those roses are so pretty. Please show us later what they look like dried. TFS

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

So beautiful, Debbie! Love your blog! I'm a new follower! ♥ Anne

MEM said...

sometimes we find the best things when we least expect to----the pink sweater and blouse? Pink and peachy shaded roses are among my favorites. Glad I found your blog!

dynadisoza said...

Pink colour is my favourite. I have most of things as pink colour. Its beautiful and wonderful pix. I like your post.

Rachael Ruddick