Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have to say, it's been a lot of fun watching the flowers I planted last year, coming up this year.

When I picked out the flowers I tried to stick with Perennials.

One of the flowers, whick I planted a few years back, is my Snowball Tree.

It's a plant my parents gave me and I love it!

Another item I love is this old metal chair.

I picked up a couple of them a few years back.

One was sellable, in good condition, but the other one, this one, had a few issues.

It was perfect for my flower garden.

I hope you're enjoying Spring!


Junebug said...

I love snowball trees or bushes. I'm going to add one to my yard this year. Even though I said more more plants this year! Ha,I lie!!

That chair is perfect tucked in your garden!! I'm so enjoying Spring!!!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I saw your post of this chair on FB--I just love it! It looks charming in the garden!

Gabriela said... of my favorites!!!!

Little Cottage said...

Hi Debbie,
That little snippet of your garden looks adorable;- as everything else you do! Always love looking at your blog!

melanie said...

I got a snowball tree last year and planted it in a Huge pot... When we moved I made the movers move it- so glad I did- I love love the blooms:)
Your garden is adorable!

Cindy said...

I have a snowball tree too, and i just love it, it is blooming like crazy this year. Yours looks perfect posing with that great old chair...


June said...

this is one of my favorite blooms in the garden Debbie. I LOVE your photos of them in that awesome chair!
hugs from here...