Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Big Old Box

I hadn't planned on stopping at the Thrift store yesterday but I was so glad I did.

I ended up coming home with this wonderful old box.

It has worn leather all around the edges.

Old labels....

leather handles on each side...

and someone's initials stamped on the top.

The inside of the box reads, Portmanteau Hat & Suit Case Manufacturers Repairs.

I love it!

I think it's a keeper!


June said...

This is certainly a treasure Debbie! So glad you went by the thrift :)))
hugs from here...

Patina said...

Thanks June, it was a fun find. Hope you're doing well.

Debbie said...

Oh, what a wonderful find, Debbie!
Good thing you stopped!
Have a great week!

Caroline shabby hideaway said...

that box is certainly akeeper.I love it.Such a great find.
Have a great week

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