Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clean-Up At The Shop

It's been a busy day today. My hubby and I have been breaking down our garden space at Monticello. The show is over and now comes the clean up. I've been taking many of the garden items and transferring them in my booth in the store. It's been good to be able to revamp our booth and boy is it full. I'll be sure to take pictures tomorrow to show you the end result.
I also just wanted to say "Thank You!" to you sweet ladies that have left comments on my blog. It's nice to know you are out there!
I wanted to leave you with a few pictures, as I always enjoy pictures. This is an area in my house where I have a collection of vintage marriage certificates. I just love the roses on these. There is also a collection of old wedding items, it's been fun to collect.
Thank you again for stopping by!

1 comment:

Myrna said...

Hi Debbie!
Love your "Marriage Certificate" and cake toppers display--where do you have it in your house?
I have a guest room that's become themed as "The Wedding Room"...the saying must be true--"Great minds think alike1";-)
Have a great day!