Friday, March 6, 2009

Painted! Chippy! And Worn!

It's funny how old, chippy hardware or furniture captures many of our attention. I know that I just love the look.

It is something that can not be reproduced very easily. Paint just doesn't chip off or look as nice on a piece of freshly painted furniture.

There is something to be said for age, bumps and scrapes!

Even though I have a love for old painted furniture I also appreciate the fine old pieces (natural wood) as well.

I don't have many of those pieces in my home but I have sold a few and I appreciate the time and energy it took to create each piece.

I don't think my sweet mother totally understands my love affair with it. But, she enjoys my decorating and can see the warmth in it.

So, this post is a salute to old and chippy pieces!



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Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

My problem isn't Shabby's having a passion for Shabby and Tuscon decor together. So, my kitchen, bedroom,bathroom have a Tuscon flair. Then the other half of the house the rooms are in French Country. Somehow I've managed to tie it in by color, but heaven forbid if I try to pull in another design. My hubby thinks my overstuffed FC couches are miserable to sit on for any length of time. I adore them and saved for many years to buy (the one of a kind) couches. I'm giving him the family room to he thinks, LOL!

Sweet Wishes,

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

You hit the nail right on the head.
To Chippys, we love you.

Violet said...

Beautiful! Hmmm ... I wish we could all age with thte flair of 'chippy' and shabby chic'!!!