Monday, March 23, 2009

This Little Piggy Went Home!

No estate shopping this week-end!

It was time to visit family.

We headed to Medford, Oregon to visit my sister and her family.

We had a wonderful time.

Aren't sisters great!

We arrived Friday evening. It was fun to see all of my neices and nephews and of course, sweet baby Alexis, my (grandneice). She is full of smiles and so fun to love on.

Saturday morning involved a little trip to find pigs for the kid's 4H projects, which will be coming up in July.

My neice was a true girl and picked according to "looks", you've just got to love that!

Although, I do have to say she did pretty well last year with her pig at the fair!

There must be something said for cute pigs!

We also went to my neice's home and visited.

Here is a picture of what she sees when she looks outside her door, Long-horns!

Aren't they magnificent!

Saturday afternoon, my #1 and I went into Jacksonville, a fun little town close to Medford.It was the location of one of the first placer goldmines in Oregon. The town has attempted to keep some of its original flavor which makes it an interesting place ot visit.

They have a wonderful Coffee Shop which we love to hit whenever we are in town.

Here are a couple of pictures of the window at the Barber Shop in town.

Here is one of my favorite shops in Jacksonville, Farmhouse Treasures.

I wanted to take pictures inside the shop for you, but since the owner wasn't there to ask permission I ended up taking a window shot instead.

Here are a couple of things I picked up at Farmhouse Treasures.

Sunday morning we got up went to church and headed back home.

We experienced every kind of weather possible from snow to hail, rain and sunshine.

Isn't it Spring?

Hope you had a great week-end too!

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Anonymous said...

Deb Like your pictures on your trip . Sounds like a wonderful time with family. Sure sounds like you have a wonderful family , or I could be a little predjudice. Love Mom