Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pretty Soap and Other Things

Well, I'm about ready to head out the door for dinner with friends but I wanted to quickly do my White Wednesday post.

A week ago I was looking at every possible thing, on line, at the Pottery Barn.

They had items where the shipping was free.

That sounded pretty good so I decided to try these sweet little French soap.

They smell wonderful!


I'm afraid I don't see them in their store anymore but they sure do have other pretty soap.

How about these fun cream colored soap with bees on them!

Or these Valentine hearts, perfect for Valentines Day!

I received my Jeanne d Arc Living Magazine in the mail today.

Yeah! Thank you Lori!

It's wonderful she sends me the magazine everytime it's stocked in her store.

I don't have to worry about calling and ordering it.

Look at the wonderful metal #11 she sent with my magazine.

What a great touch.

Happy White Wednesday!


Fish Tail Cottage said...

cute post! happy wednesday!!!

Tete said...

I love the soap with the bees on it! Just too cute! HWW

sissie said...

Beautiful soaps and a lovely WW post.


Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Those soaps are beautiful. I love free shipping....I'll usually buy something if the shippings free :).....can't help myself.


Victoria said...

That soap is very pretty, my stepmom just ordered the same ones online!

June said...

Here you are Debbie...tempting me with soaps...and roses scented no less! I think I need to check out PB's website for a look as well.

Lori is such a sweetie to send the little tag along. Such a thoughtful touch.
BTW, I love the profile picture of you!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

The bee soap is adorable!!

Faded Charm said...

Don't you just love this cupboard? I've wanted one like this for a loooong time now.

I just got my magazine yesterday and am tryingto get ideas of how to fill it.

Hope all is well,


Anonymous said...

The soap you bought is pretty, Debbie! I also like the soaps with the bees on them... sweet!
I just bought a wall hanging chicken wire basket for my kitchen from PB. Now all I have to do is hang it. :)
I got my JDL mag from Lori, too... LOVE it! Love the metal tag she sent us... so nice of her! :)
Hope you had a nice dinner with your friends.
Happy weekend to you!
~ Jo :)

Simply Bungalow said...

Love the soaps. Great post