Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bridal Shower

For this White Wednesday post I thought I would share some pictures from my niece's bridal shower.

One of the pretty things that filled my house were these beautiful Snowballs from my parent's yard.

Their tree is loaded with flowers and they really are quite beautiful.

This picture below is one of my favorites.

After the shower we had some fun with a little dress up time.

My little 2 year old great niece tried on a few vintage wedding items.

As you can see she loved what she saw in the mirror...but then again we all did, she's so darn cute!

It's just so fun being a girl!

A little more girl time at the shower!

Another thing I did to decorate was big tissue flowers.

They are quite easy to make so I did quite a few of them.

They do make a statement bringing in a lot of color.

If you're ever looking for tissue paper for this project, I have found that Walmart is the most inexpensive place to buy it.

I was originally paying $2.49 for it.

Walmart - $1.00 a package BIG DIFFERENCE!

Just a little piece of information in case you ever want to make these.

Another item I was looking for was "pink lemonade", not just any lemonade but Lorina lemonade.

I finally found it at World Market.

It's $4.99 a bottle for 25.4 ounces.

I'm saving the bottles and reusing them.

When I was at New Seasons looking for Lorina lemonade I spotted the glass bottles, selling for $7.99 a piece, bottle only!

So if you splurge and buy Lorina, think of it this way, you're getting a fun bottle, plus a fabulous drink for $4.99!!!

It makes it a little easier to buy.

Re-reading this post I think I'm sounding pretty cheap but I always like a good deal!

And lastly, a picture of my living room with a few of the guests.

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I love Snowball plants! Viburnum, I think is the "fancy" name. Infact, I am going to plant one on our side yard.

Your paper flowers look so cute and are really festive. Looks like a successful and fun shower! Your home is so warm and inviting.


Marydon said...

Those tissue flowers are gorgeous! So glad you all had a good time. The wee nes are just darling ...

Have a beautiful eve ~

Anonymous said...

Hi , Debbie
I thought of you yesterday... everything looks wonderful. All the extra special touches were so sweet
Hope to see you Saturday

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

The white pom poms are so beautiful! And the tissue flowers are pretty too! So colorful!

Florence said...

Love all great deals, thanks for sharing. Florence

June said...

A great time at Debbie's house for sure!!! I love all your beautiful touches everywhere I look. The little dress up princess must have stolen the show! I love those pictures of her in the mirror.
hugs from here...

victoriantailor said...

Great pictures, your tissue flowers look like Peonies, not sure how to make those, Celeste,victoriantailor.com

Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie!

It's so nice to meet you. Your blog is so soft and simple...white fresh and pretty! I'm happily following you!

Do come by and visit with me sometime!

ciao bella!


A Cottage Muse said...

Everything looks so pretty!!