Monday, May 30, 2011

Pike's Place

This week-end my #1 and I decided to have some fun...we hit the road and headed for Seattle!

Last year around this time we had celebrated our anniversary in Seattle.

It was so much fun, I wanted to go back.

My favorite place was Pikes Place.

I wanted flowers...they have some amazing bouquets for what I feel was quite inexpensive.

Last year oh...around the 7th of June, they had oodles of Peonies, one of my favorites.

This year we went a few weeks earlier and tulips were the flower to be seen everywhere.

I grabbed a few bouquets!

Oh, if I was closer this would be my weakness.

The flowers transported wonderfully, I was so pleased!

Look at all those beautiful flowers!

There is even one Peony!

One of my favorite tulips there was the "Renowned Unique" Tulip.

I had to buy them, they look so much like Peonies, they are thick and luscious!

They haven't actually opened up yet so it will be fun to see what they look like once that happens.

Apparently, they are hard to grow as they are so tall and get so heavy they topple over.

As you can see they are quite tall, I cut off about 2" when I got home.

They could still be cut off a little more but this gives you an idea of their size.

So, if you're in the Seattle area I'd highly recommend Pikes Place.

I think you'll have a lot of fun!


June said...

Hi Debbie,
I feel the same way about buying flowers. I wish I could afford an arm load a week in the Winter when I don't have them in the grden. There is just something about having flowers in the house. Your bouquets are gorgeous! The tulips are amazing.
hugs from here...

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Happy Anniversary. I love that aisle at Pikes Place that has just a rainbow of flowers too. I have been waiting for the peonies...they are late this year. My garden is waiting to burst with them.

lovely flowers!

colbycottage said...

Those flowers are beautiful!!!!, I'm so glad you got away for a bit :)