Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A July Wedding!

Let me start off by saying, "July has been one busy month!"

This past week was filled with a wedding and a full week of camping.

As you may remember from a previous post my niece was getting married, July 16.

My sister asked if I would decorate for the reception and of course I wanted to.

(my sister and her two sons.)

Being 5 hours away, I can't help like I'd like to, so being a part of the wedding in this way was great!

I should say at this point I have a very talented sister-in-law who was so willing to jump in and help.

The area for the reception ran along the "Little Applegate River" it was quite beautiful.

Everyone helped...we had the guys opening up tissue flowers as we placed them around the chairs.

My niece's wedding had a country flair so I made aprons for all the ladies that helped with the food at the reception.

The wedding was lovely and the bride was beautiful!

A big "Thank you" to Kathy for helping me with the reception.

And a "Thank you" to my brother-in-law for taking all the photos.


Uncovered Ruby said...

Debbie..What an honor to be able to decorate for the reception! It looked beautiful! Lisa ;-)

Marilyn Holeman said...

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures, Debbie. :) What a lovely wedding. The decorations were so nicely done. Such a talented lady you are!

Kathi said...

Very pretty wedding, Debbie. I love out door weddings. You did a great job. Kathi

Kathy said...

It was a pleasure helping, sooo much fun doing it together, and watching those boys fluff tissue flowers!

Emma said...

I so wish i could have been there!!!Looks like it was sooo much fun!