Sunday, July 3, 2011

Month of July Window

I wanted to show you a few pictures of the display window at Monticello.

I have it for the month of July so Friday I was busy getting it set up.

Due to the fact that the space has a large window in the front it's always difficult to take a full shot of the space.

The reflection of the cars, street etc... seems to be the picture the camera wants to take.

So I'll show you little areas of it.

I forgot my camera so my #1 gave me his phone for theses pictures.

So if you're in the neighborhood be sure to stop by!

Monticello will be closed on July 4th but will open again, July 5th!

We will be headed back in today as our little hutch sold out of the front window.


Until next time have a wonderful 4th!


melanie said...

the display looks stunning...quite magical...hope you have a great holiday!

Marydon said...

Fabulous window vignettes. Monticello, VA??

May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

Happy 4th, my friend,


Faded Charm said...

You outdid your self again Debbie....looks fabulous!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Barbara Jean said...

beautiful display!!

barbara jean

Kathy said...

Looks great Deb!! Cant wait to get together this weekend :)

Pearl said...

Cute stuff!!


A Cottage Muse said...

You did a beautiful job!!

sweetpea said...

debbie it looks fabulous! that must be one of the best shops in the entire US. i never see a pic of any booth there that isn't beyond words.



Lori said...

Soooo Beautiful!! I know what you mean about the window and trying to take pics of your stuff. I had the same problem at my now defunked shop. I could never get any shots with out the buildings/cars etc behind me. Use to frustrate the bejesus out of me!!

I really love your style!


Kathi said...

Beautiful display! You have great taste. Kathi

Pamela on the Front Porch said...

I love all your photos and have to tell you that you have a great blog.