Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Does A Collection Start At Three?

I'd love to tell you I've been doing some big things around here but it's been pretty hum-drum. I've been working on little projects here and there. Doing a little housework, very little! Playing chauffeur, like mothers do.

#1 has been applying for jobs big time this week. We have till the end of the month and then we live on unemployment. Boy, you sure don't get much with unemployment. He'd love to get a job at Providence Hospital. He's such a good worker and loyal too, I mean 23 years at this last job. That's a long time! He did have his first interview today with another hospital in the area, but unfortunately it was part time work and we just can't make ends meet on that. I am so glad that God knows our every need so we will continue to rely on Him.

Now to explain why I showed you the pictures up top. I did make a trip to Monticello today. I needed to drop off a few items. Of course I had to walk around for a little bit. And while I did I came across these sweet pictures. I just love the florals with the colored backgrounds and these were so inexpensive. They're such a nice minty green. And I had a wall, believe it or not, in my kitchen that didn't have anything on it.

I thought I'd show you a few more pictures I have with the colored backgrounds.





Oh no! It's starting to look like a collection! When they're all spread out it doesn't look that way.




And last but not least I picked up this old chunky mirror at an estate sale. I had been using it in the front window at Monticello and while taking my things down the frame broke. But not to worry my #1 repaired it and now it is proudly displayed in my entry way. It just never quite made it back to the shop! It's pretty worn out as you can see, but I love it! And you know what, everytime I walk my it I look so skinny. Unfortunetly it's the mirror not me! Boo Hoo!

Thanks again, for stopping by!


Donna Lynn said...

Hi, I love your blog, you are my kind of gal! Love your rose pictures, and the one with the birds is just lovely.

You mentioned your husband being out of work, there is a ton of work here in our area for hospital personel, my husband's company is just finishing up a brand new 100 bed hospital 8 min. from our home, then about 10 min. the other way is another expansion...people are coming from all over to live here, our area is still doing really great!
Email me if you want any details.

Maison Douce said...

Your prints are adorable, the colors are gorgeous!! I hope your husband finds work soon, we had the same struggle when my husband was laid off from Horizon Air a couple of years ago...!!

A Thing for Roses said...

Lovely pictures Debbie. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but you definitely have a collection going on there. It was fun to run into you at Monticello the other day. Good luck to your sweet husband in his job search.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ive just popped over from kelly's blog "Rose Vine Cottage" and your blog is delightful! I love the pictures they are all Gorgeous!

Iris said...

Love your prints they are wonderful, a very nice collection. Providence is a great hospital, had to take a little side trip there the other day at Monticello's.God will provide, he always does. It's just the waiting part that is the hardest.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Debbie, you sure have the prettiest pictures!! My favorite is the birds. Not only do you have pretty things, but you bring them so elegantly together in the sweetest vignettes. Gorgeous!!!!!

Best wishes to your husband in his search for a job. It is tough times right now for so many people.