Friday, July 9, 2010

You Can Find Me In The Garage!

It's true!

While out treasure hunting one of the places I like to head towards is the garage (also the basement).

A couple of times this week-end I heard, "Wow you're always in the garage!"

I am!

Just me and the guys!

Men have such great little cubbies,containers, galvanized items etc...

So, yes it is true, if you want to find me, just look in the garage first!

Look at this little treasure, you sure wouldn't have found this in the house.

I love galvanized items right now.

And this little oil can makes a great little vase.

Here are a few more items found in the garage.

I thought this little drill bit container was pretty sweet.

Every girl needs a place to put her bits, right!

Old keys, well who doesn't like those.

Old square paint brushes, love those too!

Cute little drawers, they're not just for guys anymore!

Perfect for storing little crafty items.

I found three of them!

And what girl can resist a HUGE wood ruler!

With great numbers!

I'm sure there is a special name for this ruler but sorry I don't know that!

It just has a great look!

See how long this is!

I needed an empty space to take this picture so it's standing in my new white hall for it's photo shoot.

It almost reaches the ceiling.

You can spread it out, making it even longer.

So when you're out treasure hunting, remember to hit the garage.

You'll love all the treasures you're going to find!

Unless you're in the Portland area and you can leave the garage to me! (o:

Happy Hunting!


awal.ny said...

You are absolutely right. I do love my husbands treasures that he has kept from his grandfather's barn. That oil can makes a great vase and you can hang it anywhere.

Ticking and Toile said...

hi Debbie!
Love all our goodies! Great idea on the garage shopping ;)


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Debbie! Just catching up on your posts and am breatless over all of the fabulous things you have done and items you have found. How cute are those old baseballs in the lantern? And that great chalkboard with the contrast of the white dress?!! LOVING all of the white and neutrals. Just so fresh and so cute.

And yes, you can find me in the garage, too. What a great place for old rulers, galvanized things and old brushes. All of the things I think are super cool you do, too.

have a great weekend!!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hey Miss Debbie....just me again! I just HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS:

I clicked on your eBay link and saw your seller name sew*chic and do you know what? I use to follow your creations on eBay YEARS ago!!! YOU were one of my biggest inspirations to start sewing to sell. WOW!!! Sew*Chic is YOU!!!???? Small, small world! I just remember the work you did was just amazing!!!!

Just thought I'd share this with you!!!!!!!!


raggygirlvintage said...

You are so right, I'm always checking the hardware section in thrift stores, it's mostly junk but you just never know...

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Those are wonderful finds!! I love the drawers!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all your garage goodies, especially those fabulous boxes (drool)!! Why can't I ever find anything like that when I'm out treasure hunting? I certainly don't have anything that pretty in my garage... oh yeah, I don't have a garage (hehe)!
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs ~ Jo :)

sissie said...

Whenever I go to an estate sale, I have learned to go to the shed or the garage. You are almost guaranteed to find something wonderful.

I like your finds. Especially all those old keys. A girl can't have too many of those!

The metal containers are wonderful and look really good in your workspace.


Claire de Lune said...

Wow....this is one of those rare occasions that I truly wished I had a garage. Maybe I should make myself a trip to my Dad's this weekend. He does have a garage and guaranteed there's cool stuff in there.....GREAT POST!

Andrea said...

Love your finds!

The Attic Girls said...

Great garage goodies! When I go to estate sales, I make a bee line for the back yard, check for garden statuary, iron furniture, then the garage for old wooden totes and all the goodies you mentioned! The last one I went to was so unusual. He must have had 50 vintage cigar boxes, all filled with different hardware. Some of the boxes were valuable, some not, but it was a unique experience. I need to brush up on the old planes and other woodworking tools. SOme of those are worth SO much and I', sure I have passed up treasure. :(

tales from an oc cottage said...

Um....can I play in your garage too?? ;}

m ^..^

janjan said...

Oh yes, they are definately the best places, its amazing what you can find. Its reminds of when we were garage saling one day, delving through someones shed, my hubby found an old oil can, there I stood in my best skirt and top (we were going out to lunch after), son grabs the oil can and promptly squeezed the trigger - his dad and the other people tried to tell him no but they were too late. The oil can worked perfectly despite its age and there I stood frozen in disbelief with oil all down the front of my top and my skirt. Yes, we did buy the oil can and its sits high up on a shelf in my late hubbys shed.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Loving the garage too...remember that is where I found that terrific pink metal toilet snake! i think the ruler is to measure the level of oil in your oil tank...we used to have one similar, altho yours has better graphics! See you in the garage!

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hi Debbie, I felt like you were talking about me!!! lol
You found some great things!!!
Stay cool

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hi Debbie, I felt like you were talking about me!!! lol
You found some great things!!!
Stay cool

Candylei said...

Wonderful treasures. I love your pictures and also your blog title. I do love roses as well!

June said...

Well Debbie, this girl loves what you found in the garage!!! I love old keys and oil cans, and metal drawers and...and, can I have you box those all up and send to me PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I love all of your garage treasures, especially the metal boxes and keys!! And your white hallway looks wonderful!! You did a great job.
Have a great day.

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, what a wonderful blog...
Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love LOVE all your great finds. You have a great eye!