Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where Women Create

Look what I found in the store! It's finally out! I thought I'd have to wait until February. I was so excited when my friend Vicki told me she had picked up the magazine yesterday. Vicki and her business partner Beth are the owners of Gossamer Designs.They are one of the studios featured in this issue. I am so excited for them. Jo Packham and her staff did a wonderful job showing off there beautiful space! You will enjoy looking through Gossamer Designs and seeing the BIG amount of talent these two ladies have.

I could go through and show you every part of their studio but I'll save that so you can go out and buy the magazine and enjoy every page of it!

Here is another magazine I picked up a few weeks ago.

I found this at Borders, Country Living, British Edition. This was also a lot of fun to look through. So if you want some reading material for the week-end, here are two fun magazines to get your hands on!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Treasures Hunting, Plays And A Little Crafting On The Side!

Wow, it's pretty bad when you look at your last post and it was one week ago. Life has been super busy. We've had rehearsals every night this past week. I say we, because my #1 one and I worked the "Green Room"(this is where the kids go when they are not on stage)during rehearsals. So we've been gone quite a bit too. It was so fun seeing the play come together though. Friday was opening night, so we got our fanciest duds on and went out for the big event. The show runs again this coming week-end, Friday through Sunday. So if you're in town and would like to get out and enjoy a musical. Be sure to check out CYT's website for more information. Here is a picture of Aslan, Mrs. Beaver and the Professor after the performance.

I was able to get out Saturday and do a little estate shopping. Boy, it felt good to do a little shopping! Here are a few of my finds this week-end.

Do you see the old wig head I picked up this week-end. I've got three of these things, I think that would make a collection. I am a total sucker for them. Well, this one would make four. I seriously considered keeping it but I was good, I resisted. I priced it and took it to the shop before I could become attached. These are wonderful to display vintage jewelry on.

Last week, while I was out estate shopping I came across a bunch of Valentine boxes. I have wanted to find these little things and play around with them using vintage paper. I was able to finally finish three of these yesterday.

Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday Finds!

I didn't hit to many sales this week-end. I believe the total was two. I had quite a bit more on my list but I had to many things going on this week-end. Here are a few things I managed to pick up though. I was able to get into a few vintage millinery flowers, which is always a hit. I also purchased the sweet hat box they are in.

I'm always a sucker for these tiny little chicks. I think they're about the cutest little things.

For the past few days we have had quite a bit of wind here in the Portland/Gresham area. Lots of trees have come down, causing power outages and damaged houses.
Our neighbor across the street had a large tree go down, hitting the house behind him. It caused a considerable amount of damage to the other house. What an awful thing for each of those neighbors to wake up too! Due to all the fallen trees hitting power lines our power went out Saturday night. So we woke up to a very cold house. We had a lot of things to do Sunday, so we were able to get out of the house and stay warm where ever we went. The electricity did come on about 4:00pm or so.

One of the things we needed to do was take Jonathan to rehearsal. Unfortunately, the High School in which they were rehearsing at lost their electricity too. But, we were able to use the building anyway so power generators and halogen lights were brought in. This will be a production the kids will not forget! Hopefully today power will be back on and they will get a lot of good practice in. Each of the kids learned how to put on their make-up last night. They had a lot of fun being together and helping each other out. Here is a sneak peak of the White Witch!

The last time I saw the White Witch, she was getting icicles put in her hair! This should be a lot of fun!

Well, I'll end this post just saying, "Thank you God for electricity", I'm a spoiled city girl!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roses In Winter!

Roses in winter, is there anything better? Well, maybe "real" roses in winter but this will have to do for now.

Every year after Christmas is over the task of taking down the Christmas decorations and putting up the "everyday" decorations comes. And every year I can't remember were I put everything. I mean, I know the general location but it never looks exactly the same. It takes me that whole year to finally get things to where I like them. I guess change is good! I don't re-arrange furniture very often either. It might be because #1 doesn't like to come home and find his chair somewhere he didn't leave it. I have a big piano that sits in the corner, I really should get rid of it as it does take up a lot of space, but I don't. It does make a great display table though. I did end up putting a lot of my cream pottery on top of it. And maybe in a year I'll have that exactly where I like it!

Now, I don't want you to think it's taken me till the 15th to finally get my Christmas decorations down. It just took me awhile to post about it...really!!!

Yesterday I made a quick run to Monticellos to drop off a few items. It was looking pretty sparse in the front window so I needed to make a run. I did get a few pillows made up which is good as I have so much fabric that needs to be used up. So now I can justify buying another pretty piece of fabric when I see it! Isn't that how it goes?

I also wanted to give a "BIG" Thank you to Martha from Vintage Trifles who gave me a sweet award. It was so kind of her. If you haven't visited her blog be sure to check it out. She is a very talented artist and you will love reading her blog as well as looking at all her wonderful pictures.

Well, after previewing this post I can already see some changes coming on. I think I will add some of my old books in with the cream pottery.
Now I better be off. School is approaching very quickly. Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Small Treasures!

There is just something endearing about finding little bits of someone's memories in an old book. This week-end while out treasure hunting, I came across quite a few old books. None of them in good condition and each smelling of mold. But in spite of all that, the worn used look of each book was appealing to me.

While thumbing through one of these books I came across a pressed violet, wrapped in vintage newspaper, forgotten by it's previous owner.

In another book I found a handwitten copy of an old poem by Charles T. Rankin. Oops, it looks like the person writing the poem wrote the incorrect name of the poet. Apparently a commonly held mistake.

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope you have a restful evening!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Narnia Poster

Since this is what will take over my life for the month of January. I wanted to share with you the poster from the photo shoot my son participated in for CYT's production of "Narnia". If you are in the Portland area and would like to come and see it, just click on the CYT site to get more information.

I'm off now to another CYT Parent to you later!

Oh yes, my son's in the top right! (o:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Busy New Year

Wow, it's been a long time since my last blog. I'm so sorry! I know how fun it is to visit blogs and see a new post.
Life has been pretty busy around here. Between participating in the Christmas show at Monticello, Christmas, Narnia practices, all I can say is WOW! The new year didn't start out the best for me. I woke up to go shopping New Years Eve only to find a car that wouldn't start at all, nothing. I put the key in, turned it and "zilch, nadda, dead". So now, we've got to take it into the shop and you know it won't be a simple fix, it never is. But, I'm glad I have a car and a car that is paid for! Yeah!
Now onto bigger and better things. Around Christmas I received a call from Joyce at Monticello asking if I would like to decorate the front window at Monticello, for the month of January. It sounded a little overwhelming as I didn't have much time to prepare, but a lot of fun too. My mind started racing thinking of the things I could put in there. Wow, two booths, mine and the window, much better than storing it at my house. I've been loving the "French Country" look so I decided to try and capture it with the things I already had.

I had a lot of time to create things during our snowed in snow days. These bottles are a few things that I embellished with different vintage items.

I had fun making pillows also. I used vintage ticking and combined it with old lace.

I made a few of these pincushion crowns at the last minute, they were a lot of fun to make. I just love using vintage paper and old jewelry.

Here is one of the cutouts I made using a vintage photos.

Here are a few old clothespins that were given new life.

We found this chandelier in a box at an estate sale. It was dirty and many of the crystals needed to find their place back on the chandelier. My #1 took every piece apart. He then washed, and rewired it putting it all back together. It turned out just beautiful.

And last a picture of the front window. Oh yes, I finished painting the green frame that I showed you in a previous post. You can see the gentleman peeking out in the upper left hand corner.

I guess today I will be calling the insurance company to see if we have towing on our policy. It looks like we do, but you never know. I'm sure I read the policy much different than the insurance agent does.

Thank you for stopping by to see what has been going on in my little corner of the world. I hope your New Year has started out WONDERFUL!