Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's a hot one!


I feel like my week-end started Thursday. My #1 and I decided to hit a couple of thrift stores Thursday morning and low and behold I met Lisa there. It was fun to actually chat a little while with her, she's such a sweetie. She was on the "look-out" for treasures as was I. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

On Friday we hit a few more sales. After that we were going to take our boat out but decided we would wait till Monday. I've never been out on the boat before, so this will be an adventure. Last fall we bought a used boat and did some major work on the interior of it. I hope to still be with you on Monday, as we venture out, Yikes! Hopefully the river will be less crowded on a week-day.

This was also a week-end for traffic jams. We were caught up in two of them, on Friday and one again today and both in 80 to 90 degree weather. Both times the traffic did not move. And both times I didn't think the gas tank was as full as it should have been. That freaks me out a little. If I'm going to be stuck in traffic I want to be stuck with a full tank of gas. Of course my #1 thought we had LOTS of gas! Other than that, we had a lot of fun!

Here are a few treasures I found this week-end.




I did get into more old wood stamps.

The picture below is a picture that I've had quite awhile. It didn't come with a frame and as it's an unusal size, I didn't find a frame right away. Well this week-end I did, and for $2.00, you can't beat that. I just love it, I think it's so pretty.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I don't know, we've never been un-employed before but why is it that when you have the least amount of money, you now have the time and energy to do all the things you wanted to do on the house.

This morning I had packages to mail, so I went out to the car and to my surprise the car had been ransacked. So, next I checked out my husband's truck and the same thing. The weird thing is I don't know what they took. All the things I thought they'd want were still there. The only thing which we've identified for certain was a package of cigarette lighters which my #1 uses to light campfires, pretty strange. They must have been looking for money. Good Luck!

I'm saying all that to say, security, security. I've dragged my feet too long, I'm installing a locked mailbox. Our mailbox is on the street and there are some days I forget to get the mail. One day I actually looked out the front window and caught a guy getting out of a car and getting his thieving hands into our mailbox. I ran out the door and he took off down the street, unfortunately I didn't get his license plate, but it does make you mad, the gaul!

Ok, I'll step down off my box now. Here are pictures of my pretty mailbox!

Here #1 is assesing the situation!

Ahh! It's going to work!

I love it!

I know, it's pretty strange getting excited over a mailbox.


I guess it doesn't take much!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Studio

Well, today I finally took the time to take pictures of my new studio. I've tried taking pictures before but they seem to turn out so dark. So I recruited my #1 to hold a bright light and started snapping away.

I've taken quite a few pictures so I hope you don't get too bored. So go grab a package of Oreos and a tall glass of milk (that's been my downfall this week!)and check out my room.











I hope you enjoyed seeing where I hang out. It's been a lot of fun having my supplies at my fingertips. Talk to you later!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wow, what a busy week-end! Friday morning my #1 and I headed to Ridgefield, Washington for an estate sale. We didn't get there when the doors opened but we still walked away finding a few good items. My treasure there was a silver ice bucket. I've wanted one and have been checking Ebay hoping to find a great deal, but I hate paying postage for heavier items so I've held off. While standing in line waiting to pay, I spotted it across the room. I threw the box of stuff to #1 and grabbed it. I was a little excited to say the least! It was also affordable which was an extra plus. It's already filled with flowers and sitting in my dining room. I just love it! I decided not to clean it up as I love the tarnished look it has.


Well, after that sale we zoomed home. We needed to be in Eugene by 1:00pm, a two hour drive, to drop off my son's friend. We were meeting his mom halfway between Portand and Grants Pass. Next, we stopped by my sister-in-law's for a quick visit. While visiting,
my #1 noticed his phone was missing, we looked everywhere and could not find it. Mind you he's only had the phone one month. To make a long story short, we ended up going back to the estate sale in Ridgefield Saturday where he found his phone in the pasture, we were so relieved! Whew!

Here is a picture of a few of the things I picked up this week-end. I have to tell you one of the things I found was a set of wood alphabet stamps. Isn't that typical, I buy them off ebay then I end up finding them at an estate sale. Oh well, mine are bigger!!! (o:


I also did a little jewelry making last night. I don't know if I'm having more fun collecting the old jewelry for these projects or putting them together.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about my week-end!

And a big thank you for those who have left comments. I do try to email you back but many times I can't find email addresses, but I keep searching!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One More Project Off The List!

Yesterday, while at Monticello I was in search of a couple of vintage curtain tiebacks. My #1 mentioned to my sweet friend Vicki, at Monticello, that I was on the hunt. She said she had brought some in from her collection and they were in her office. She ran to grab them so I could see if there was anything I'd want. She always has wonderful things and you know what, SHE DID THIS TIME TOO! Here is what I chose. Aren't these the sweetest? I've never seen anything like them.


They were perfect!

Thank you so much Vicki!

Today was another busy day. Do you remember the glider I did some "bin diving" for?

Well, last night I decided to take on that project. I ran to the store and got the spray paint and primer and gave her a good paint job!

This morning I got up and made her a seat cushion out of a vintage matelasse bedspread and made a couple soft fluffy pillows and she's finished. One more project to check off my list. We then loaded her up and took her to the shop!



Hopefully tomorrow will be less busy and I can do some fun crafting!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Isn't it fun getting packages in the mail? Even though I knew what it was, it's always like opening up a birthday gift.

So what do you think it was?

I'll let you think about it a bit.


I have been busy today taking pictures and listing things on Ebay

I bought a few Barbie items at an estate sale this week-end. I don't know anything about what's collectible and what's not, I took a chance. They were in very nice condition. In fact, they didn't look like any one had ever played with them. Certainly, if they have been played with, it was very gently and carefully. So Barbie, actually it's Mitzi, had a photo session today, modeling all her pretty clothes. I can sure understand why little girls love them so.

We also took a trip to Monticello. We sold a dresser today and we wanted to replace it with a new one, Yeah! I love it when the big items move.

Well, did you figure it out?

What is in this long wooden box?




Lots and lots of stamps!



I think these are so fun!

One of the gals at the shop was selling these stamps individually and I thought they were so wonderful so I searched for a whole set on Ebay. I actually found two sets, a smaller one and this larger one. I was going to get the smaller one but my #1 said, "You might as well get the big one, it's a much better deal", ok, you talked me into it! Gotta love that #1!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Painting Week-End!

This was one busy week-end! I'm finally sitting down to blog a little today. My #1 is in the kitchen making his wonderful spaghetti sauce. Mmmm.... I can smell it from here.

The week-end started off by going to an estate auction. There was one thing in particular I wanted but I had my limit somewhat set in my head and it was going beyond that so I stepped back and let the other lady get my cabinet. Oh well, I had a good time.

I ended up buying a dresser with a triple mirror and jewelry, love the bling!

Saturday morning we hit a few estate sales and I found more bling, lots of vintage jewelry. Some of the pieces had missing stones but still all wonderful. I haven't even sat down and gone through it yet.

When we got home my husband and I worked on our kitchen. We painted, cleaned, changed light fixtures, had problems with wiring, you name it we did it. I wasn't sure if I liked the paint color at first. In my head I was thinking the paint was a lot darker. But it looks clean and fresh, so I'm pleased with it.

Now on to the utility room! One room leads to the next you know! I bought one too many gallons of paint so this will also be the color in that room.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Talk to you later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Tribute To My Dad For Father’s Day

My dad was a youth in his early teens when the Americans started to drop bombs on the weapons factories in the villages and towns near his boyhood home in Eastern Germany. As frightening as each air raid was, his family and he were pleased that Hitler’s Germany was coming to an end.

When it turned out that the area in which he lived was going to be a puppet regime for communist rule, he found a way to escape across the border into Western Germany and later on to Canada. He stayed there a while but destiny and perhaps the opportunity to chase the American Dream brought him to this country. He has now been a naturalized citizen for many years and is proud of his new homeland and what is means to be a member of this great and honorable nation.

He worked as a baker throughout his whole career often being able to implement recipes and techniques learned as an apprentice back in Germany. He always worked hard, often getting up in the wee hours of the morning to get in to the bakery to get the bread, doughnuts, and other pastries ready for the public to purchase later in the day. He always supported his family financially and emotionally and dutifully performed the functions of father and husband cheerfully and without complaint whether we were grateful or not.

More recently, he has suffered some health problems which have required him to step back a bit and allow us to serve him much the same as he has served us all these years.

Thank you Dad for all you have done for us over the years and we are grateful for the opportunity to reciprocate however we can. You’ve been a great father and we want to wish you a heart felt Happy Father’s Day!

We love you Dad!

I Love Summer!

I love having the summer off! It's great not always having to be somewhere at a particular time. Perhaps choosing to work on my craft projects still wearing my pj's. I am a bit of a morning person and sometimes I just don't have time to get dressed right away. I love the freedom to sometimes lounge around, drinking coffee, reading or writing (blogging) for a portion of the morning.

Yesterday I said good-bye to my man-cub for six days. His best friend moved to Grants Pass about a year ago and they love getting together and doing "guy stuff". My parents were driving to Medford to see my sister so he hitched a ride. That puts me in the position of being foot loose and fancy free.

Yesterday I headed for Borders where I splurged and bought a book I've wanted. It's called Vintage Vavoom, and if you haven't looked at that book, it's a fun one. Romantic Homes actually came to Monticello and took pictures some of which were featured in the book. It was fun looking through it and getting inspiration.

Another place I journeyed to yesterday was Lowes to look at paint for my kitchen. I picked "Araucana Blue". The color is supposed to match the color of the eggs layed by Araucana chickens. I hope I like it.

Why is buying paint such a major thing? Probably because at $29.00 a gallon I don't want to buy it again.

Another place to which I traveled yesterday was Goodwill. I can't pass those up and since I had to make a drop off a donation, I might as well go in, right? I had a $10.00 off coupon so it just made my purchase even sweeter. I made my first search in vintage jewelry where I purchased a couple of pearl necklaces. Can a girl ever get enough pearls?

Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a special post.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Snooze, You Lose

Boy, another rainy day in Portland. I can't wait for the warm days of summer. I'm not complaining mind you, I saw some pretty dry places as we traveled to the Farm Chicks and I was reminded how fortunate I am for the beautiful green trees, lawns, hills in Portland. With the rain comes beauty, I think there's something in that!

Well, I wanted to show you a few of my treasures which I purchased while at the Farm Chicks.

In one of the first booths I came to, I found a beautiful floral picture. It was old and about 12"x 20", a long size. I debated whether to buy it, so I sat it back down to think about it. You must realize I had just gotten inside and this was the first booth I had actually gotten a chance to examine. Soon after that, my #1 man came and told me there was a nice cabinet that I would like. So, we went and took a look at it, he was right, I loved it! It wasn't a bad price either, but I chose to think about it! So I continued shopping. Wrong!!!! I learned from then on, if you like it at the Farm Chicks, buy it! I went back and both the pieces had sold! Boo Hoo! Here is a picture of the cabinet I could have bought, the price tag was in my hand! The gal later told me she could have sold that cabinet over and over.

Another item I bought was a fun book by EllynAnn Geisel, called "The Apron Book". She was there and was signing books. She had three different books. Here's another case where I went back to get her little book called Apronisms and she had sold out. I had intended one for me and one for my sister-in-law, sorry Kathy.

It was fun to meet EllynAnn, I wouldn't normally have my picture taken on purpose, but you know now that I'm in blogland it happens!

The Farm Chicks was a two day event, so we returned on Sunday, a quick trip before heading back to Portland. When I walked in the door I spotted another cabinet, it was perfect, it was old, and it had great storage. I didn't waste my opportunity this time, it was coming home with me!

Remember how I said, in an earlier post how cleaning one room leads to cleaning another. Well, this cabinet is going in my kitchen so yesterday I stripped wallpaper off my kitchen walls. It's something I've wanted to do but it took getting a new piece to do it!

Now choosing paint colors, I would like something from the Martha Stewart line. My "mancub" thinks I should add some color to this house but I just can't make myself go to the bright colors he would pick, sorry "mancub".

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back From Farm Chicks!

Wow, did we have a good time! There was so much talent dispayed at the Farm Chicks! So many women,each with unique ideas. I love to see the beautiful items as well as how they were carefully displayed. If you ever get a chance to go, GO!

It took us about 6 hours to get there from Portland. We arrived in Spokane Friday evening. I had to hit a few thrift stores on the way!

Saturday morning we arrived at the fair grounds at 9:30am. That was a little early as Farm Chicks started at 10:00am. I didn't think ahead and anticipate rain and boy was it rainy and wet.

There were some dedicated women out there, I'm sure they had to be standing out there over an hour waiting to get in. I was a wimp and waited until 10:00 before I got out of the truck. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer as the line was huge and people were still coming.

I was pretty wet and cold when I finally got through the door.

There were so many ladies, we were toe to heal the whole time we were there. Inspite of that, it was a lot of fun. My imagination just ran wild!

Lisa, from A Thing For Roses was there and it was fun to see her. Her booth looked beautiful.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Heather Bullard and her husband from The Past Present Collection. She is as sweet as can be and oh so talented. I debated whether to show you this picture as I look like a drowned rat, she looks great. I was tempted to ask her for another photo but was afraid that would have sounded a little vain. (O:

Next, I found my friends from Gossamer Designs, Vickie and Beth. Their booth looked wonderful, here are a few pictures.

Tomorrow I'll show you some fun things I purchased. I hope you enjoyed a little tour of the Farm Chicks.