Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Old Merchandise Ready To Go!

It's been a busy week around here!

This Friday I will be moving into the window at Monticello, for the month of July.

I can't wait!

My house can't wait!

My family can't wait!

So, today I did a lot of pricing.

I hope you'll be able to stop by and do a little shopping!

Life has been a little different for us with "Little Sister" around here.

If she's not playing she's sleeping and usually it's anywhere there's a cozy place or a warm body.

I can't walk very far and this little thing is climbing up my leg wanting to be held.

(she's moving all the time so it's so hard to get a still shot!)

And of course she makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face and I stop and hold her for a little while.

I mean how could you resist this face!

Hope you're having a great week!

Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Curve Ball

Sometimes life just throws you a curve!

This week we found out that our son might not be able to graduate from High School!

Wow, what a disappointment for all of us.

Apparently, he does not have enough hour or credits.

He is currently with an on-line school but since he was home-schooled his Freshman year our state does not give credits for this one more year is required.

His advisor is still doing some checking but this looks like what we're looking at.

You might ask yourself, "Why didn't you know that before now?"

Well, this summer when my son was signing up for his classes.... the lady on the other end of the phone told him that if he wanted to graduate this year he would have to add a few more classes to his load, which he did.

Apparently, the school went through some personnel changes due to problems in house.

So, this information was not accurate.

Then to add another little curve.

The on-line school he is currently with is closing its doors as they were bought out my another on-line school.

Which...when I spoke with one of his teachers last week, it has been bought out again!

When I received the email regarding the school closing I'm afraid my first reaction was, "Whew graduating just in time!"


So, when life throws you a curve you say, "What exciting things does God have planned for us this year!"

And then you sit back and enjoy the ride!

I hope my son has the same attitude!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Smell Of Peonies


Don't you just love them!

One of my favorite flowers.

I do wish they would bloom all summer through!

Their fragrance is amazing!

I believe this is my first year for white Peonies too.


I'm so glad they bloom all summer long!

Last year my son transplanted a row of roses from the backyard to the end of the deck.

I'm enjoying them so much more as we don't have real good access to the backyard.

A little update on our Miss Brooks.

I took her to her doctor appointment on Friday and yes she is a she!

She is in very good health but she did have ear mites so the doctor treated her for that and she's doing much better.

We are enjoying her so much.

She has brought a lot of activity to our home.

She has picked up the nickname, "little sister", from John Wayne's old movie "True Grit".

It fits her!

I'm joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm for this White Wednesday.

Be sure to stop by!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Miss Brooks

It is now after noon........I have got nothing done........I had plans today to sew two aprons........that hasn't happened.

Why, you ask?

Well, this little guy or girl came to our home.

I'm afraid to say this makes four!

I really don't want to be the little old lady you read about that has 95 cats in her house!

I don't!

I don't!

I don't!

I have to say though, they are all fixed so no little ones will be running around, except for this one.

This wasn't a planned event!

Oh, I just got a "flash back" my last one wasn't planned either!

A trip to Crispy Cream and I came home with a kitten!

No wonder I steer clear of that place!

I think I've completely gone over the edge and I wanted you to be the first to know!

I'm a soft touch!

Thank goodness for a sweet husband!

But this is it!!!

I don't care if these sweet little guys are cuddly and cute and full of life...I don't care if they do the silliest things and I love watching them!

This is the last one!

How did this happen you might ask!

Well, it all began last night...

We had just finished my son's "showcase" for his theater group when one of the mother's sprinted, came up to me and ask if I would like a kitten.

Apparently, her neighbor had just given it to her because her dog had just eaten the sister kitten and they needed to find a home for it.

What, do I have a sign over my head that says, "Ask Me!"?

The family that had the kitten at the showcase last night were going on vacation the next morning (for 5 weeks) and were not able to take care of her.

I had seen a picture of her on the mother's phone and...she was small...cute and orange...a few of my favorite things.

We went outside to look at her...I know what you're thinking...1st mistake, right?

Well she was everything I envisioned her to be...small, cute and orange.

Talk about a "chick magnet", I don't usually use that term but let me tell you if a guy wanted to meet girls that's the way to do it.

We had such a large group of young ladies gathered around this kitten each wanting to hold her!

Well, to make a long story short, she came home with us.

Each one of our cats is named after an old time radio show character.

If this one turns out to be a girl her name is Miss Brooks.

Being that orange female cats are very rare.

Her name could change if we find out that she is a he.

Friday, we'll find out when she has her first vet. appointment.

As for the other cats, they are trying to get use to her, it will take time.

As for us...We're In Love with her!

aka Cat Whisperer

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

White Wednesday Finds!

Wow, White Wednesday is here again!

I thought I'd show you my "Big" purchase I made this week-end.

Ok, so it's not so big, I'm being sarcastic but you know what?

I'm enjoying it just as much as if it were big.

This little ironstone pitcher was a whopping .25 cents!

It's got a lot of issues but I love it!

I love the dark crazing on these pieces, I don't even mind the dark crack running down it.

It will still hold water so it's even useful!

Another purchase I made this week-end was a chair.

Having cats in the house they like to destroy furniture.

And one chair in particular has gotten the bulk of their attention.

So when I saw this chair, for $12.50, at an estate sale I thought, "Why not?"

(sorry for the dark photo, the sun is shining in behind the chair, yes SUN!!!)

It's an old chair that was gently used.

There was extra fabric so I was able to make a couple of arm covers for it.

But, most importantly it will withstand kitty cats!

It's tough!

So even though we run around like crazy trying to stop the cats from their destructive habits it should be able to endure it.

Today, my #1 and I will celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.

Wow, how time flies.

Love that man!

If you'd like to see our "Big" purchase from this week-end stop over at his blog, Cast-N-Flies, and he'll tell you all about it!

Happy White Wednesday Everyone!

Be sure to check out all the other participants!