Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well, I didn't plan on blogging again so soon, but when you see all these tiny little pieces that are so darn cute, you just have to start flashing away! I've had an old typewriter taking up space in my kitchen so while cleaning today I asked my #1 if he could take it apart and save me all the best pieces. I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but when inspiration hits, I'll be ready!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

You Are The Greatest Blogging Buddies!

I just want to give a "BIG THANK YOU" to everyone out there that took the time to post a comment and say a prayer for my mother this past Friday! We don't know the results but I do know that prayer is a powerful thing and no matter what the results are, God is so good and only has the best in mind for us!

I wanted to share with you a big answer to prayer, it's been going on for a couple of weeks now. Many of you know that my husband was laid off his job at the beginning of the summer. Well, guess what!!!! He got a job!!! It is with Providence Health Systems. It was just what we wanted. The timing is just perfect. His severance pay from his old job ended yesterday and he starts working this Tuesday. How perfect is that! He's getting paid more there than what he ended after 23 years at his other job. We will not have to put out $400.00 a month for insurance as it is an included benefit. He had so many different tests he had to take to get this job. I wanted to wait until they were done to tell you. God just gave us over and above what we had!

The search for treasure was tough this weekend (due to the holiday, I think), but that's ok. My #1 told me we needed to reclaim our house, as things are spilling out all over the place, what a silly guy! But he is right!

I did find some old letters as well as old report cards. My friend Laurie showed some old report cards she is displaying at her house so when I spotted these I was thrilled. They were dated from 1932 through 1938.

I did find these sweet little ornaments. I love the size and shape.

My #1 was a good sport and stuffed this table into the back seat of my car. I have to say 3 cheers for him considering the fact that we have so much furniture right now, what a guy!

One frustrating thing, I came home from junking only to find out I had left some vintage curtains at the sale. The gal I bought them from didn't put them in my bag! Boo Hoo! The same thing happened to me last week-end. I bought old postcards and didn't end up coming home with them. You'd think I would have learned! It just wasn't worth the gas to go back and get them.

I have to tell you the reason we have so much "junk" is because we will be participating in the Christmas show at Monticello. Unfortunately, with Christmas you have to buy when you see it and you don't sell it till Christmas!

Yesterday we had a good time at my sister-in-laws. We celebrated my niece and nephew's birthday. The weather was perfect and the food was even better.

Friday, August 29, 2008

It is 6:19am as I am writing this blog. My day entails taking a trip with my mother for an MRI this morning. This is something I haven't been looking forward to. She just recently lost a lot of hearing in her right ear. The ear specialist suggested that she have an MRI as he didn't see any reason for this loss. Being human, my fears of the worst sometimes overwhelm me. I am not a super-human individual that feels strong and can handle any situation that comes along. But I do know that if I was, I would not have any reason to depend on God to meet my needs as He has promised to never leave me nor forsake me. So, if you think about it, your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Day At The Fair

One more week before school starts so I wanted to do something fun. Boy, I didn't realize how difficult it is to get a teen-ager out the door to do something fun with his parents! However, he found out his cousin was going to be at the fair during the same time we were and suddenly he was ready to go.

We were pretty hungry when we got there so we went straight for that wonderful greasy fair food. Boy have prices gone up.

Oh yes, my #1 got me a new camera so I had to take a lot of pictures. It's so small, the perfect size to slip inside my purse. I chose a Cannon SD1100 in, "Bohemian Brown". Doesn't that color name sound exotic.

While there we saw duck races,

different kinds of reptiles,

beautiful cows,

and small ones too!

There were so many beautiful flowers. I won't put all of them on here but they were so pretty.
This little guy stole the show though. He had pollen over his entire body, it was a fun picture.

I did manage to get in a few pics with my boy!

It was good when the day ended as my feet were getting tired.

And so it begins! Where is the darn car!

Oh yes! We ended the evening by going to "Claim Jumpers". We didn't get any dessert but we did pass the dessert tray!

Can you guess what the first picture on this post is?

It is an old out-house next to an old one room schoolhouse relocated on the fairgrounds. Before you go "eew" don't worry it's no-longer being used. The old white chippy paint made the perfect picture!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This was a busy week-end consisting of chauffeuring kids back and forth from place to place. Hopefully this coming week will slow down a little bit.

One thing is for sure, the Olympics will be over, so I will not be tied down to the T.V. and putting in the late nights. I always look forward to watching them, and cheering on the American athletes, Go USA!

I did manage to get a little shopping in though. I actually hit Goodwill a couple of times and got some of my best buys there. I think they must have just gotten an old estate in and I happened to be there at just the right time. Between that and estate shopping, I did find a few things.

Today after church my #1 and I headed for the Oregon City Antique Fair. I had never been there and it was a lot of fun! I asked my hubby to take pictures so I could show them to you. That guy! I always seemed to be in the pictures. I told him to take them without me in them! Anyway, here are a few of them.

This is Joy’s booth, she did such a nice job, everything looked great!
Sue and Joe from Bella*Shabby were there also. I don't know how we missed taking pictures of their space. Probably because we were doing to much chit-chatting with Joe! I love everything she buys and enjoy how she puts it together.

It was also fun to see Lisa and Isabel They had some wonderful things. Such great vintage eye candy. This is a pretty picture they had in their space. Isn't that just beautiful!

And lastly, there were many breeds of dogs that came to the fair. This was the most unique breed I saw!

Whoa! It smells like #1 just finished something wonderful on the grill! I've gotta go! Talk to you later.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow, where has the summer gone? And I don't mean fast, although it has gone fast. I mean all this rain we are getting. I would like the sun to come back, finishing off the summer with a "bang". Oh well, this is why it is so green here in Portland.

I wanted to share with you pictures of the cabinet I picked up this week-end. I didn't get the before picture as it was a dark blue color and I knew that had to go. When I purchased it, the doors were not attached. There was not any glass in the doors and the sides did not have a screen on them.

I'm afraid I fell in love with it after it was put together. I didn't keep it though, but it does have a hefty price on it as it works great for displaying all the small things in my booth.

I didn't get a real good picture of the hardware but you can get the general idea. Got to love that old hardware!

Ok, now proof I didn't keep it. Here it is at the shop. We spent a lot of the day re-arranging things. Isn't it a great display piece?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ok, time to blog! I just got back from lunch with a few girlfriends. It's always good to catch up on the latest happenings.

This week-end was very successful. We had a lot of great finds, as my kitchen would tell you. I have things scattered everywhere from recent purchases to projects I'm working on. One of my big projects will be going to Monticello this week. It's a nice old pie safe. We sold a big piece of furniture this week-end and need to replace it with another. Our house is overflowing with furniture right now. I'll show you the before and after pics of the cabinet in another post.

I'd love to show you everything I got but it's scattered around in different rooms. I want to buy one of the cool teeny tiny cameras to put in my purse as I'm missing some great shots of my #1 standing around holding all my goodies. This week-end it was an armful of "foo-foo" dresses from the 1940's. He does attract the comments though.

I did take pictures of a few of the items I picked up.

Here are a couple of very old dolls I found, They look a lot cleaner in this photo than they really are. They are pretty sweet though.

I do love to look through the linens and there are particular ones that I like to buy. Here are some of them from this weekend.

Friday night my #1 and I headed to the auction. There were a lot of wonderful things but the bidding was going really high. I did buy a few things though. I came away with eight chandeliers. Some of them were a little primitive for my taste but a couple were just wonderful! So, as you can imagine, they're not the easiest things to store. I'll be making a trip to Monticello to get these hung up and for sale and OFF MY FLOOR!

I also picked up a sweet chair and ottoman for my living room. Now if I could only keep those cats away from it. I need to clean up the upholstery a little bit but it's in great condition. So, if anyone knows a great way to clean chairs, I'd love to hear from you.

I'll leave you with this final picture. I just love these old souvenir photos, they look great displayed and they're a lot of fun to look through.

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Goodies at the Bakery!

Yesterday while running around, my #1 and I went to a wonderfully yummy bakery, Grand Central Baking Co.. They have the most delicious baked goods.

Everything is so big, I mean look at those croissants!

I have to admit I haven't tried anything but the Raspberry Hand Pies but let me tell you they are so flaky and good. My #1 enjoys the Chocolate Croissants, and I have to admit they look pretty good also. I think I need to grab a bite of his next time we venture back.

So if you're ever in the Portland or Seattle area you might want to check them out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pincushion Fun!

One of the many things I like are vintage pincushions. I'm a sucker for cheap tomatoes or strawberries. I don't like to pay more then $3.00, depending on size. One of my favorites is a large velvet strawberry I picked up a few years back.

I also have enjoyed making them. I love to use vintage fabrics, rhinestone buttons etc... I add a couple of teaspoons of lavender in them as well for a yummy smell.

This week-end my #1 found a wonderful pincushion for me. While at an estate sale he was looking through boxes in a closet and came across this beautiful chalkware pincushion. Boy, is he getting good! I love everything about her. She belonged to an elderly lady who enjoyed sewing. Her daughter who was probably in her fifties remembers seeing her mother use it. She only wanted a couple bucks for it. I knew what a treasure I had and gave her a little more. Now she proudly displays on a shelf, her pin poking days are over! I think she's pretty happy!

Talk to you later!