Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Ateco Turntable

About a week ago I bought an old turntable used for decorating cakes.

Every since I saw it in Romantic Homes I've wanted one.

I believe the picture was one of Debbie's from Curious Sofa.

I'm thinking I'll have a lot of fun decorating with it!

It's vintage, it's cast iron!

Love it!

I can see where these would be fun to collect!

Maybe someday I could even use it for it's original purpose!

Decorating cakes!

Wilton also has turntables, I don't have a Wilton yet!

Happy White Wednesday!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Pike's Place

This week-end my #1 and I decided to have some fun...we hit the road and headed for Seattle!

Last year around this time we had celebrated our anniversary in Seattle.

It was so much fun, I wanted to go back.

My favorite place was Pikes Place.

I wanted flowers...they have some amazing bouquets for what I feel was quite inexpensive.

Last year oh...around the 7th of June, they had oodles of Peonies, one of my favorites.

This year we went a few weeks earlier and tulips were the flower to be seen everywhere.

I grabbed a few bouquets!

Oh, if I was closer this would be my weakness.

The flowers transported wonderfully, I was so pleased!

Look at all those beautiful flowers!

There is even one Peony!

One of my favorite tulips there was the "Renowned Unique" Tulip.

I had to buy them, they look so much like Peonies, they are thick and luscious!

They haven't actually opened up yet so it will be fun to see what they look like once that happens.

Apparently, they are hard to grow as they are so tall and get so heavy they topple over.

As you can see they are quite tall, I cut off about 2" when I got home.

They could still be cut off a little more but this gives you an idea of their size.

So, if you're in the Seattle area I'd highly recommend Pikes Place.

I think you'll have a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bridal Shower

For this White Wednesday post I thought I would share some pictures from my niece's bridal shower.

One of the pretty things that filled my house were these beautiful Snowballs from my parent's yard.

Their tree is loaded with flowers and they really are quite beautiful.

This picture below is one of my favorites.

After the shower we had some fun with a little dress up time.

My little 2 year old great niece tried on a few vintage wedding items.

As you can see she loved what she saw in the mirror...but then again we all did, she's so darn cute!

It's just so fun being a girl!

A little more girl time at the shower!

Another thing I did to decorate was big tissue flowers.

They are quite easy to make so I did quite a few of them.

They do make a statement bringing in a lot of color.

If you're ever looking for tissue paper for this project, I have found that Walmart is the most inexpensive place to buy it.

I was originally paying $2.49 for it.

Walmart - $1.00 a package BIG DIFFERENCE!

Just a little piece of information in case you ever want to make these.

Another item I was looking for was "pink lemonade", not just any lemonade but Lorina lemonade.

I finally found it at World Market.

It's $4.99 a bottle for 25.4 ounces.

I'm saving the bottles and reusing them.

When I was at New Seasons looking for Lorina lemonade I spotted the glass bottles, selling for $7.99 a piece, bottle only!

So if you splurge and buy Lorina, think of it this way, you're getting a fun bottle, plus a fabulous drink for $4.99!!!

It makes it a little easier to buy.

Re-reading this post I think I'm sounding pretty cheap but I always like a good deal!

And lastly, a picture of my living room with a few of the guests.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

White Wednesday #100!

Happy White Wednesday!

Wow, one hundred White Wednesdays thanks to Kathleen, our host for this event.

She has been so consistent posting each week!


I'm still loving my enamelware pitcher.

I splurged this week while I was at New Seasons Market and I bought this beautiful bouquet of lilacs and snowballs.

My lilac tree has only given me one lilac thus far.

So, I've had to go and buy them this year.

My niece is getting married this summer so this coming Monday I will be hosting a shower for her.

I feel very fortunate to be able to do that, I love her so much!

Because of that, I headed to the Dollar Tree this week, looking for ice cream dishes.

I ended up buying a stack of white plates and bowls.

Never did find those ice cream dishes!

You know, for a dollar a dish, I think they'll be perfect!

Happy White Wednesday!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

Being that tomorrow is Mother's Day my #1 bought me a dozen pink roses!

I love pink roses!

I was excited to use my enamelware pitcher.

I just picked it up at an estate sale this week-end.


Tomorrow we will celebrate Mother's Day at my house.

I am so fortunate to have my parents coming over tomorrow for that special day!

I'm quite sure I have the best mom a girl could ever have!

My #1 will be preparing salmon, shrimp and asparagus, three of my favorite dinner items.

For years after I was married I didn't think I would ever become a mother.

Not that I didn't want to, I wanted that so much it hurt!

In God's own time He graciously answered my prayers and 18 years ago He gave me a son.

I am truly blessed!

What will you be doing on Mother's Day?

I hope it is spent with the ones you love.

Friday, May 6, 2011

90% Off ...Count Me In!

This week I have had a lot of fun hitting a 90% off sale!

Yes, you heard right 90%!

It's always sad when little businesses are unable to make it but it sure is fun when they let us reap the benefits.

That's what I did this week.

This was a scrapbook store.

I'm not into scrapbooking but I love paper and I go through a lot of cardstock in the resale business.

See all the pencils in the above pictures...I don't know how to use them but at 90% off I'm willing to learn.

They are watercolor pencils as well as chalk pencils.

I went back three times!

They started to recognize me...I started to recognize other women I had seen the previous day shopping as well.

So I guess I wasn't the only one coming back time and again.

Be watching because I bought some duplicates....well, a lot of duplicates but some of the duplicates I bought will be for a giveaway, because we all like giveaways right.

And why not share the love!

* * *

On another note I went to one estate sale today.

I only bought two items but one of the items was a wonderful old cart.

(ignore the pathetic flower arrangement)

The top of the cart is an old oak cutting board.

I'm not sure what the middle rack is for, it's only about 8" wide.

If you know what it's used for I'd love to know.

That's about it for now.

Thank you for stopping by!