Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mr. Wonderful!

(the kids have to check out all the treasures)

Week-ends get pretty busy around here.

Especially, when we have a show coming up in less than a month.


The dining room table is the place that collects all the week-end treasures

Eventually, they will make it to boxes and then we start over again.

Week-ends also consist of my #1 fixing and repairing many of the pieces I bring home.

Considering the rain we have here in the Pacific Northwest and the fact that he only has 1/4 of a garage to work with, he really does an amazing job.

He takes all my ideas and brings them to reality.

Many times he tells me, "Honey, I can't do that!"

And I say, "Sure, you can, I know you can do it."

And he does it!

He has come a long way since we first got married.

He will tackle a lot more projects now then he would have then.

He's pretty wonderful!

I'll show you some pictures in a few weeks of the things he's putting together.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

In The Mood For PINK

This morning we woke up to a soft dusting of snow.

The way they were talking on the radio, I thought it was going to be at least 6" of snow out there!

I rushed outside to take a quick picture of my Camellia bush but as you can see the snow was pretty wet and had already started melting.

Yesterday evening, I was fortunate to find spray roses.

I love spray roses at the grocery store!

Aren't they a wonderful shade of pink?

I love drying spray roses.

These are very petite and dry beautifully.

I must have been in a pink mood because I also found a soft pink sweater as well as a blouse.

I don't know, sometimes it just works that way!