Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Old Navy Bag

During the week days proceeding Christmas I decided to take on a project that I've wanted to do for some time.

I've collected a few old canvas army and navy bags.

I thought they would make great totes when cut down.

I used an old navy bag for this project.

I decided to get out that pair of scissors and make the first cut.

Why is it always so hard to make that cut?

I ended up combining it with black and white stripe ticking.

I love how it turned out.

I was able to keep the old grommets on the bag as well.

This bag had a patch on it and since it added such personality to the bag I used it on the inside pocket.

See the "OREGON" on it.....love it!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Is What It's All About!

It's here!

December 25th!

I wanted to share with you one more of my Christmas decorations.

A Nativity.

It's one of my favorite things to put out each year.

It's a little larger than most Nativity sets and the colors are so bright.

I purchased this at a local estate sale for $3.00, can you believe it, $3.00!

This is what Christmas is all about!

God sending His Son to earth for you and me!

The greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011

I've thought about writing a post many times....but I've come to the conclusion that I took to many pictures and felt a bit overwhelmed with it all.

So, in order to finally sit down and write something I'm just going to have to limit the pictures.

It's been two years, I think since we really decorated for Christmas.

By the time I finish getting ready for the show I am done with decorating.

This year was different.

We were to celebrate an early Christmas with my side of the family and we would do that at our house.

Sometimes you need a good excuse to clean and decorate and I knew I'd get things done around here if that happened.

We didn't go up to the mountain and get our tree as we've done in years past but I was pretty happy with my Home Depot tree!

I decided to decorate it with hand-made decorations as well as different things I had around the house.

Also incorporating some vintage ornaments in just the right colors.

I picked up some vintage cookie cutters the week before and thought they'd look pretty sweet on the tree also.

A few hand-made ornaments.

This origami bird took a lot longer to make then I thought it would so we only have one on the tree!

I ended up putting a second smaller tree in the kitchen surrounded by my little village people.

But that vignette soon came down after the village kept getting pillaged by the local "little monster".

The village was doomed!

Santa Claus would not make it for Christmas because he would be carried off to who knows where!

Little "blue boy" was always missing!

So this year the village people went into hiding and are safely tucked away in their boxes.

Another vignette takes its place.

And the village is at peace again, as well as Little Sister aka "little monster".

Here she is resting waiting for her next big adventure.....which, by the way, happened this morning!!!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Santa was found...no need to worry!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The Christmas Show continues at Monticello!

This was a very successful week-end!

I wanted to give a BIG, "Thank you" to everyone who came to the show.

Many things went home with new families but many things are still available.

While I was at the shop, this evening, Laurie from Worthy Goods was doing a total makeover of her space.

She had some wonderful items.

I also brought in a bunch of new items and revamped our area.

So, if you're thinking, "Oh shoot, I wish I could have made it this week-end, as all the good things are gone!"....not so, there are wonderful new things available!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monticello Christmas Show 2011!

It's finally here!

The Monticello Christmas Show will open it's doors tomorrow morning at 8:00am!

I hope you will be able to make it!

I've seen all of it and let me tell you everything is just beautiful.

So many talented participants, you will love it!

Here's a little peek into our area.

See you there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Warty Pumpkin

With December 2nd quickly approaching, things are busy in our little workshop.

Fortunately, my #1 does all the cooking around here, his idea, he loves it and I do want to make him happy!

This means one less thing I have to do around this time of the year.

Being Fall,we have had many different kinds of pumpkins and squash around here.

So my #1 has been cutting, cleaning and baking squash and pumpkins almost every night.

But there is one pumpkin he just can't tackle... my Warty Pumpkin!

He just can't seem to get around the fact that it looks like it has warts!

That's why I bought it....it was unusual!

I guess I'm going to be the one to use it...man, that means I'm going to have to cook!

But not this week!

Remember December 2nd the Christmas Show at Monticello starts!

I hope you'll be able to make it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

White Wednesday

This past week-end my #1 tackled a project that has been waiting to be finished for quite some time.

Poor guy, I buy the projects and he finishes them...I don't know...it works for me!

I had a wonderful old pillar that I had found while junking.

The wood was falling apart around the top of the pillar so it needed to be taken down about 4".

Yeah! He got it done so...I replaced it with the one I originally had in my kitchen.

I like it so much better!


The original one wasn't made out of wood, it wasn't old, it wasn't chippy.

All the qualifications I require.

And last, you can't leave anything fluffy and new around our house!

An old crinoline was just to much of a temptation.

Riley couldn't resist!

Happy White Wednesday!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Signs Of Fall

This past Monday was a field trip day at school.

The kids love field trips!

Field trips are a great way to slow down and appreciate the things you might not normally see when you're out and about.

The kids were so excited to show me this wonderful orange mushroom while at the park!

It is pretty fantastic, it maybe poisonous...but I made sure we didn't touch it.

Isn't it pretty!

Another little mushroom, not poisonous!

But still exciting!

Different mushrooms all over the park.

It's great to see things through the eyes of a child.

Another stop we make each year is the Dahlia garden.

The kids got quite excited seeing all the different Dahlia's.

I did too!

Last was the Canby Park.

The kids loved the park and I enjoyed finding acorns in the playground while they were playing.

A beautiful day for a field trip.

So if life gets a little hum drum...find a little buddy and take them to the park.

You'd be amazed at what you can find!