Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Mini Project Finished!

(Snookie, aka "Fatty" having her morning bath!)

I thought I'd show you a mini project I worked on the other day.

Let me start off telling you a little secret about myself.

I'm not one who has all her clothes ironed ready to wear.

The ironing usually comes when the outfit is needed.

Yes, it's true!

I wish I was that kind of girl, ready to go, everything neatly pressed.

Needless to say, my ironing board doesn't have a special place, it stands where ever it feels.

I've had an old wood ironing board for quite awhile and it finally hit me, why don't I paint it white?

I don't have to stick with the original color!

So that's what I did, I painted it and made a new cover for it.

Now it doesn't have to look so ugly and it fits right in my bedroom nicely.

Small projects like that always feel so good when they're done!

Sorry ladies, I wish my mini project would have been a miracle drug that makes one enjoy ironing, I'd be buying it up.

To those of you that enjoy ironing, "GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Happy White Wednesday!

Thank you Kathleen of Faded Charm for hosting this fun event.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baseball, Apple Pie & White Wednesday

Well, maybe not apple pie, although that does sound pretty good!

I thought since it's White Wednesday I'd show you my favorite find this week-end.


I was able to find quite a few of them at one sale.

I just love the look of these all gathered up in a terrarium.

If these could talk I'm sure they'd tell fascinating stories!

I had every intention of selling these old balls but as soon as I displayed them I fell in love!

I wanted to thank all of you who participated in my giveaway last week.

I do have a winner it's Carol from Old Glory Cottage.

Thank you Carol, you will be receiving an email from me shortly!

And lastly a special thank you to Kathleen of Faded Charm for hosting White Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

White Wednesday & Giveaway

(sunglasses waiting to be used!)

I enjoy White Wednesday, it gives me that gentle little nudge to create a post.

We've had some pretty crazy weather here in Portland.

Today the sun came out, big as you please.

I thought, "Wow, it's going to be a beautiful sunny day!"

But soon the clouds came over and it poured!

It's been doing that all day.

Sunny one minute, raining the next.

I have to say though we've got beautiful green grass and trees, and you know that it's because of all that rain!

I love these old heavy duty flour sacks!

I don't find them that often but when I do I grab them.

As many of you know I'm in the process of re-doing my bedroom.

I remembered this old door I had and thought it would be perfect with what I'm doing.

While out thrift store shopping I came across these great flash cards.

The game is called "Uno".

Apparently a different "Uno".

The cards came in three different colors but because it's White Wednesday I'm showing you the white ones.

* * *

Quite awhile back I went to a Gift and Accessories Show.

While I was there I purchased many pretty new watches.

I thought being White Wednesday it would be fun to have a Giveaway.

I thought a white watch would be perfect!

And why not the one with a little bling!

I mean what girl doesn't like a little sparkle!

So, whether you keep it for yourself or give it to a friend, I hope you will enjoy this Giveaway!

With that I will send you the latest issue of "Flea Market Style".

If you haven't bought that magazine yet let me tell you it is full of wonderful pictures and ideas.

All you need to do is either...

1. Leave a comment, (one entry)

2.Be a follower. (one entry)

3. Tell about the Giveaway on your blog. (one entry)

Three chances!

Please let me know if you became a follower or posted about the Giveaway.

If you don't have a blog please leave your email address.

The winner will be drawn next White Wednesday!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

I always enjoy hearing from you!

Also, thank you Kathleen of Faded Charm it's always fun to be involved with White Wednesday.

P.S. The Giveaway is now closed.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Time To Start Cleaning!

What a week-end!

I say that in a good way though!

My sister and her family came for a visit.

It had been quite awhile since I had seen her.

It was really good to actually see her and confirm that I really did have a sister!

And she's just as fun as I remember her to be!

(insert BIG smile to sister)

Yesterday, I decided, would be a good day to haul everything out of my bedroom and start my "Re-Done".

My #1 was home, so I had the "man power".

Unfortunately, he wasn't as excited to do it as I was but he went along with it.

You see this meant all of his fishing and hunting items would have to come out and get organized as well as decisions would need to be made on what he "really" liked and what he could sell.

Poor guy, he said he felt like I was kicking him out!

I love his collections and if we had a spare room he could have his "Man Cave".

I just like to be able to walk in the bedroom!

I don't think that's too much to ask.

I'm starting to box up a few of my collections as well.

Many of them are items I started collecting in the beginning but now my taste has change and it's time they find new homes.

Isn't it funny how once you start cleaning one room it just keeps on trickling down to another.

I'm going to have to clean the storage room now.

So today I will make a Goodwill run and get rid of a few items.

That will feel good!

I also need to search for my #1's work shoes.

I know they were here yesterday, as I remember moving them somewhere!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

25 Years!

Well, I didn't go to Farm Chicks so you're not going to get any fabulous pictures of that great event.

But my #1 and I did celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this week-end!

Since we didn't have a lot of money we decided to head to Seattle to celebrate.

It was great!

We decided to make this a threesome occasion as there was a Science Fiction Museum that we knew our son would totally enjoy.

We had a fun time looking around seeing all the fun things they used when filming many of the Science Fiction Shows.

After that we headed to the hotel.

While we were there we made reservations to eat at the Space Needle.

Casual attire was acceptable but when I found out my seventeen year old had packed what I thought was his oldest and worst jeans and shoes, I knew it was time to go shopping.

I'm also practical though, so I didn't want to buy him something he wasn't going to wear again.

We headed for Ross.

Where we found pants and shoes for the boy and a shirt for dad.

We were ready to paint the town!

If you haven't ever been to the Space Needle for dinner, it is a real treat.

The top of the Needle turns.

It takes 47 minutes to make a full turn.

The food was just F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !

After a very filling meal the boys decided they could squeeze in a dessert so they chose a wonderful ice cream dish.

Presentation is everything isn't it?

This great ice cream dish looks even better with smoke!

The next morning we headed for Pike's Place.

This is an open market where they sell fish, produce, flowers, crafts etc...

This is always a fun stop.

My favorite thing, the flowers.

Since peonies are in season right now they were selling beautiful bouquets as well as single stem flowers.

I wanted to buy a bouquet as the price was so reasonable for such outstanding peonies but since I had a 3 hour trip ahead of me I was afraid they wouldn't like the trip.

So, I had to take pictures.

If you're ever in the Seattle area these are a few fun places to stop.

We had a great 25th!

Love this man!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finishing Projects!

Is there anything more special than your son coming in, after mowing the lawn, with a rose in his hand giving it to his mom?

A perfect picture for my White Wednesday post.

What would have made it more perfect is if it would have been my rose bush and not the neighbors!

.....Just teasing! It was my rose bush!

This morning I woke up to a mess!

Our month was up in the window at Monticello so what I couldn't get in my booth came home with me.

In addition to that were the things I had bought this week-end.

(pretty vintage potholders)

One of the things I did was to make a liner for an unusual old cart I had picked up last week-end.

It's a fun cart as the basket comes off.

I needed to get it done as I also bought a box full of old fraternity pledge paddles that I needed to get marked and taken to the shop.

It worked perfectly filled with the old paddles!

Two more things out of the house!


That's always a good thing!

If you are fortunate enough to go to Farm Chicks this week-end my good friend Sue has made some wonderful liners for her carts.

Perfect for holding all your treasures while shopping!

A BIG thank you to Kathleen of Faded Charm for hosting White Wednesday.

Have a great evening!