Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I don't know, we've never been un-employed before but why is it that when you have the least amount of money, you now have the time and energy to do all the things you wanted to do on the house.

This morning I had packages to mail, so I went out to the car and to my surprise the car had been ransacked. So, next I checked out my husband's truck and the same thing. The weird thing is I don't know what they took. All the things I thought they'd want were still there. The only thing which we've identified for certain was a package of cigarette lighters which my #1 uses to light campfires, pretty strange. They must have been looking for money. Good Luck!

I'm saying all that to say, security, security. I've dragged my feet too long, I'm installing a locked mailbox. Our mailbox is on the street and there are some days I forget to get the mail. One day I actually looked out the front window and caught a guy getting out of a car and getting his thieving hands into our mailbox. I ran out the door and he took off down the street, unfortunately I didn't get his license plate, but it does make you mad, the gaul!

Ok, I'll step down off my box now. Here are pictures of my pretty mailbox!

Here #1 is assesing the situation!

Ahh! It's going to work!

I love it!

I know, it's pretty strange getting excited over a mailbox.


I guess it doesn't take much!


Aaron said...

Yeah we should go fishing together! That would be fun. RTS's are real time strategy games like age of empires and sins of a solar empire and such..

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Seeing your cute mailbox makes me really miss mailboxes. Arizona is the #1 state for identity theft so the USPS has intalled the generic silver cubes in each neighborhood.