Monday, June 16, 2008

Painting Week-End!

This was one busy week-end! I'm finally sitting down to blog a little today. My #1 is in the kitchen making his wonderful spaghetti sauce. Mmmm.... I can smell it from here.

The week-end started off by going to an estate auction. There was one thing in particular I wanted but I had my limit somewhat set in my head and it was going beyond that so I stepped back and let the other lady get my cabinet. Oh well, I had a good time.

I ended up buying a dresser with a triple mirror and jewelry, love the bling!

Saturday morning we hit a few estate sales and I found more bling, lots of vintage jewelry. Some of the pieces had missing stones but still all wonderful. I haven't even sat down and gone through it yet.

When we got home my husband and I worked on our kitchen. We painted, cleaned, changed light fixtures, had problems with wiring, you name it we did it. I wasn't sure if I liked the paint color at first. In my head I was thinking the paint was a lot darker. But it looks clean and fresh, so I'm pleased with it.

Now on to the utility room! One room leads to the next you know! I bought one too many gallons of paint so this will also be the color in that room.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Talk to you later.


Elizabeth said...

I just love all the pictures of your darling things!

Shab-n-Chic said... that cabinet! I'm so curious what something like that sold for at auction. The new paint is very pretty..just a hint of blue which is perfect. It looks great!

Maison Douce said...

Loved looking at the pictures of your lovely home, I can tell we love the same things!! Thank you for visiting!!

toni said...

Hi Debbie! Surprise :) I found you! Your kitchen looks wonderful, isn't that Bob in the reflection?! If I was still in Portland, I'd be driving around with you--I love all that vintage stuff! You have such great taste! I need to update my blog, its not anything cute, but it keeps the grandma's in at you again later!

bartpear said...

Nice fresh,clean look Deb. How are you going to keep Bob out of the kitchen? Love to all,Dad and Jonnie