Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flowers And Frogs!

The sun is out today, and I'm loving it!

It's suppose to stick around for awhile too!

The pretty roses were my inspiration for this post.

I'm enjoying buying roses right now.

The prices aren't that bad and I do appreciate them.

One of my little splurges.

I'm also enjoying using my old frogs in the vases to hold up those pretty flowers.

I want to show you some of the frogs I've collected along the way.

I'll start with the one I'm using for my pretty posies.

Here is an old photo of my father and his siblings.

A fun way to show off vintage pictures.

I have to say, "I haven't met a frog I didn't like."

So, go out there and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers and use your old frogs!

And be sure to stop and smell the flowers along the way!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What a wonderful collection of frogs! I am inspired. On my to do list...stop and buy roses. ~Mindy

Aaron said...

Thanks Auntie Debbie! I'll try, have a good day.

miss gracies house said...

Pretty cool-you have soem like I've never seen before...I just love to find *new* uses for these cool old items!
PS I bought some of your little bouguets of white paper roses when I was there at Monticello-do you have more of those? Or did you order them from somewhere? I seem to think I need more!

Barking Dogs said...

Wonderful Collection. I am obsessed with the color green so they are my favorites....


cherished*vintage said...

Wow! Great frog collection. I'm always on the lookout for the ones that look like hair pins are stuck in it. Some of yours are so unique - very cool!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Debbie~ we (hubby and I) love roses! We have 150 rose bushes that outline our front yard. When they bloom the aroma is intoxicating!! I'm putting a Mothers day post of gift ideas together, one using roses.
Your collection of frogs is such a treasure. Several of which look very vintage. I would imagine as we head into full bloom, you'll have them all filled to the brim with beautiful flowers!
Farmers market downtown (Vancouver Wash) has the most stunning bouquets that I find just as irresistible as my favorite fruits!
Sweet wishes,

Kim G. said...

I'm a sucker for flower frogs! You have a great collection!

Kathi said...

I need some of those!! I'm going to start looking. Happy Wednesday. Kathi

Glenda said...

Frog are wonderful.

I use them for pens, photo's, placecards etc.....

I prefer the old beat up ones.


June said...

Love, love, love your frogs. What a collection. What unique ones you have.
Hello from Idaho,

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie , Its always so fun to see you and Bob. Your space is Just Too Darling. I'll be posting some photos of it later today. I have an award for you over on my blog. Hope to see you Satuday , Sue


I love your collection of frogs. I have a thing for them too. And I've even tried using them for flowers once or twice. Who knew???