Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Day of Fishing!

Yesterday was a day off for my #1.

Last week-end he went to the Deschutes and did a little fly fishing so he had the itch to do a little more fishing this week-end.

The first 15 years or so of our marriage we would jump in the truck and take off for a river.

He would fish and I would enjoy the sun and read a lot of magazines.

When our son came along he would enjoy playing in the water throwing rocks, never a big hit for a fisherman, the throwing rocks part.

This must have been the reason my #1 ended up so far down stream from us.

Fishing has never been a big hit with our son but he came along anyway.

It's so much more fun when everyone is together.

Of course the area my husband wanted to fish was straight down a cliff hill, which was quite a trip with a heavy load of books on my arm.

But, it was beautiful and I enjoyed watching him enjoy his time, as he loves being outdoors.

Still at 16, my son found things around him to enjoy.

Skipping rocks!

And just getting his feet wet!

I enjoyed looking for wild flowers.

Wild pink roses.

When you first look at this area you don't see all the pretty flowers as they are tucked away in little areas.

But, they're there!

And even a little "Salal".

Overall a pretty good day!

Have a wonderful 4th!


melanie's all my favorite things said...

such a beautiful story...and pictures...I love the moss on the rocks! thanks for sharing- happy 4th to you!

bartpear said...

Looks like you had a very relaxing day. Nice you could all be together.I floated the middle fork of the Wallamette last week and had fun landind and releasing some rainbows.
love to all, Dad and Jonnie

blushing rose said...

The rivers on WA & OR are beautiful ... out here the VA & WV rivers are equally as lovely ... but you keep touching me with these pics of 'back home' ... glad you all had a wonderful time. May your holiday be full & blessed. TTFN ~ Marydon


Looks like a lovely day for all! Happy 4th of July!


June said...

I love your photos! Just beautiful. Wonderful family time. I'm sure glad you went along to brings us this beauty.

Country Wishes said...

Gorgeous pics... I can totally relate with your fishing story, my boys are 7 now and love it just as much as their dad and I do, Im always armed with a stack of magazines as well though..
Happy fishing..

Barb said...

What lovely pictures and a fun trip.

Barbara jean

brenda sue said...

fun, fun fun....can't wait for more fishing and more fun at Detroit! :0