Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Evening At The Auction!

(old 1960's cheerleading voters ballets in the school desk)

Well, I feel like I just got rid of a load of furniture for the Fall Show and here I'm starting to collect furniture for the Christmas Show.

Yes, that's right....Christmas, it will be here before you know it.

Friday night my #1 and I headed to the auction.

I had seen an old school table that I wanted.

Here's a picture of it at the auction house.

Since the competition was pretty high that night I waited till later in the evening to ask for the table to be brought up.

I was hoping the person bidding on practically every item would spend their wad and call it a night.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen but I did manage to get a few good pieces, the table being one of them.

Since Sundays are 1/2 off day at estate sales here in town, my #1 and I headed to one after church.

We actually found a nice old cabinet and these old wood embellishments.

Some of these are old light switch covers.

Some of these pieces will work perfectly to embellish a plain piece of furniture.

Chipped to perfection!

Hope your hunting week-end was successful!


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

You made some great finds! What a great collection of white, chippy light switch covers. AND that desk!
Patricia :o)

sweetpea said...

great table. what a score!



June said...

Way to score that awesome school table Debbie! Already shopping for the Christmas show is so smart, because the way September is flying by, it will be Christmas tomorrow!
I went back and read the two posts I missed. I loved your WW post. I love white platters, but I don't find them often. And when I saw your amazing little door house, and your space, I was blown away. What an amazing booth you two put together! I love all the many things I saw in there when I enlarged the pictures. Thos sunflowers and hydrangeas were gorgeous.
hugs to you...

melanie said...

love your finds...nothing like waiting and waiting for the right auction love love the table!

Florence said...

Glad you were able to get that table. All of your others finds looked great too. I will watch and see what you end up doing with them all. Florence

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Aren't auctions fun! Sometimes the competition can be fierce, as I found out this past Friday.

I do love you school table. It's fabulous!! Great finds all the way around!


Anonymous said...

I'm crushin' on that table, Debbie... what a great find... and those chippy painted wooden embellishment pieces (sigh)... gorgeous! I love me some good eye candy with my morning coffee... THANKS! ;o)
Unfortunately, we were packing, driving long distance, and unpacking this weekend... so no treasure hunting for me. :( But, I did get my mom down here... she is kind of a treasure. :)
Have a great week, my friend!
Hugs ~ Jo

Laurie said...

I'm so glad you scored that great table! Looks like a successful weekend. See you soon...

Unknown said...

This is really great collection!
This auction collection is like so antique, i would also like to score to that table, Thanks.

shabby chic furniture

VA Boutique said...

Oh goodness how lovely, I love everything!