Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!

The picture above are flowers my father gave me.

A few years back he had a heart attack and while in the hospital he suffered a stroke.

Because of the stroke he lost most of his vision so he does not drive anymore.

Each year on Valentine'sDay he buys my mother carnations.

This Valentine's Day he ask me to pick him up two bouquets of red carnations.

When I arrived at the house to make my delivery he met me outside with a special card and said, "One of these bouquets is for you."

So sweet!

My dad is 82 years old.

I love him a whole bunch!

Thanks dad for the flowers and the card.


Gabriela said...

Happy Valentine's day!!!That was so sweet!What a thoughtful Dad!!!

June said...

This post made my day Debbie. It really did! Sometimes things like this sweet gesture your father did for you will catch me off guard and I'm crying. Maybe it makes me miss my dad...but your dad is so sweet to have done this, but I imagine you are a gift to him too.
I loved reading and seeing Baby's Happy Place :)
sending love...

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

He sure is sweet!! My Dad used to do sweet things like that too. So happy I stopped in, thank you for the smile!