Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Re-Arranging

Well, I debated what to blog about today.

Should I show you a few of my finds from this week-end or a little bit of what I've been working on at home.

Home won over, so here are a few pictures of the area I've been arranging.

I needed to down-size on the pink as this cabinet was pretty full of pink things.

Now here is what you don't get to see in the above pictures.

One corner of each couch seemed to be the target of my little four legged friends.

Fortunately, I caught it before there was any real damage.

So until I figure out a wonderful way to keep little paws away from furniture.

A garbage can is set up in each corner.

I've called the Vet to see what it cost to declaw a cat.

I couldn't believe the price.

I think they must really discourage that!

Yes, I could make them be outside cats.

And I have to say I've been allowing my biggest culprit to go outside a little more lately.

But, there has got to be other options!

So, until they come out with something "terrific".

I will guard and protect the corners of my couches less they turn into this....

Their project chair is now my project chair.

One of my little culprits!

* * *

I wanted to say thank you for all the kind notes regarding my back.

I have to say, it feels much better!

I only feel a little pain when I turn.

So....I was able to haul a few pieces of furniture home this week-end!

Where are those teen-agers when you need them!

Have a great day!


Feedsack Fantasy said...

So glad you are 'back' up ... pardon the pun. TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Putting 2" clear tape on the corners of my couch and chairs seems to discourage the little dears!! And it is almost invisible unless you inspect closely. When it starts to lift, simply replace. I think they must hate the feel and really do not claw.

Declawing them is horrendously expensive and since my three are country cats not really an option for me.

Good luck - the person who lets us know how to permanently solve that problem should by rights become a millionaire!

Glad to hear your back is better-we need to keep them strong and healthy in our chosen field!!

Sue @ Serendipity

Tamerie Shriver said...

Double-stick tape works well, as they don't like the stickiness. Also try spraying something citrus. Cats, for whatever reason, do not like citrus. You can also spray them with water when they scratch, but this is much harder as you have to sit there armed and waiting for them to misbehave and usually they won't do it while you wait. Anyway, you shouldn't de-claw them. It is extremely painful. It's like cutting off your fingers to the first joint. It's not like just cutting your nails short. I think the reason it is so expensive is to make sure people don't do it.

Good luck. Oh, I just remembered something else I did -- I put a scratching post right in front of the arm of the sofa, so in their little cat brains, they think they are scratching the sofa when really they are scratching just what I want them to! If they have plenty of other things to scratch, they are much less likely to damage the furniture.

Again, good luck.

Anonymous said...

So the look you have pulled together. Sorry about the cat scratching :( My sister has 3 and they do the same thing...they are now outdoor cats but then she has to worry about them being out and about all day. Not having a cat myself (only one small dog who bites on occasion instead of scratches - also not fun!)...I can't offer any insight :( Hope you find a solution soon! And glad to hear you are feeling better!