Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They Said It Couldn't Be Done!

This past Sunday we had a couple of estate sales to go to.

We needed to pick up a few pieces of furniture that we had purchased earlier in the week end.

On one of these stops, I needed to pick up a large black bookshelf.

This bookshelf was located in the basement.

This was not just any basement.

This basement had 12 steps going straight down with a sign reading "Watch your head!".

The gentleman informed me when I purchased this cabinet that it was quite heavy and I would need some muscle to get it out and up the steps.

Since I always seem to think I'm "Super Woman", I informed him that I just knew that between my husband, my son, and myself, we could do it.

On Saturday my #1 and I decided to take a run back to the estate sale so he could take a look at the bookshelf.

My #1 wasn't there when I bought it so I wanted him to know the obstacles he was up against.

The man running the sale didn't know if we would be able to get the cabinet up the stairs as he believed the bookshelf might have been built in the basement.

But my #1 thought perhaps it could be done!

This brings me back to Sunday.

We arrived at the sale at about 3:30pm ready to pick up the bookshelf.

When I walked in, the gentleman handed me back the $20.00, that I had paid for the cabinet.

He informed me that he was sure there was no way we could get the bookshelf up the stairs.

Oh, was I disappointed!

Was he not going to even let us try?

Soon my #1 walked in. I informed him what the gentleman had just told me.

"Lets just give it a try!", hubby says.

Well, I'm game if you are!

So, the three of us started hauling it towards the steps.

We started up the stairs but we couldn't get it past the forth step and the top of the door casing.

So back down it came.

"Well, can we cut off the legs?" I asked.

Why not. They were uneven anyway.

So we found a saw, it was the workshop after all, and my #1 started shortening each leg.

Ok, let's try again.

We started back up the stairs!

Wow, we still couldn't get up.

At this point I'm thinking, "Boy, we're going to be leaving here without a bookshelf and minus our $20.00 dollars!

My poor hubby, I don't know if it's because it was our anniversary but he came up with another option.

How about taking the whole thing apart?

Fortunatly, due to its original design, it wasn't that difficult to do.

He ended up completely disassembling the shelf right there on the spot.

When we got home, he put every piece back together.

Wow, what a good sport.

So, where was my camera during this time?

In the car!

I wish I would have gotten pictures, even video footage of this whole process.

I'm sure the estate people thought we were nuts!

And we probably were!


P.S. That bookcase wasn't so heavy to carry out!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

What a great attitude and your husband sure is a fantastic sport. Good for you two!

June said...

Hi Super Woman, sounds to me like you are married to a SUPER man. Mine would have taken the twenty bucks and gone home. I loved this story. Thank you for stopping by today and the sweet message.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Debbie, Happy Anniversary! And Happy Bookshelf! I would have fought tooth and nail for it, too. The colors, lines, age. Wonderful. Congrats! ~Mindy

texasdaisey said...

That is a great story. What a cool shelf. I inherited a shelf with my house you wouldn't believe. It could be easily taken apart but it would be like trying to figure out a jigsaw to put it back again so it stays.

Denise said...

what a great sport! It is has such great lines!

Shab-n-Chic said...

Before I got to the end of the story, I thought to myself..that man must have thought you were nuts! And he probably thought you were going to sand it and refinish it too! LOL....

shelese said...

So beautiful, I love it!

laurie magpie ethel said...

That is a great story and shows the lengths someone will go to for that treasure. Great shelf too! Next time I see you and your hubby I expect you to have Superman capes on...

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Determination!! That is a WOMAN's BEST ATTRIBUTE!!! What a darling story ... nearly been thru the same kind of situations. Love the bookcase. TTFN ~ Marydon

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

Such enthusiasm and determination! I love it! There are some things you just can't let go, I can understand. I bet the seller was at a loss for words when he saw you got it out of the room. Don't forget to show us where you are going to place it.