Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elmer & Olive

This was a great week-end for treasure hunting!

On one of our treasure hunts my #1 came across a box of old letters!

Old letters....

World War II

Love letters from Elmer to his wife Olive.

They had been married about 6 years before he went off to war.

In one of the letters she talked about being pregnant and feeling very sick!

Oh, how he appreciated getting letters from Olive!

This is Elmer.

I found these pictures in the stack of letters.

I was also able to find out more information about Elmer and his wife online!

How fun is that!

Elmer enjoyed making cider.

He had a cider press in his garage.

The garage was full of old jars of every kind.

I was able to buy a few of those old jars.

After getting to know Elmer a little bit more I wished I had picked up a few more jars from him.

There were lots of miscellaneous papers from the war included in this box.

In one letter Elmer wrote and asked his wife if she had received the French money he had sent her in the mail.

I did not expect to find the money.

But I did, in another letter!

Isn't that cool!

In some of his letters he told about gifts that he was going to be sending to his wife.

It sure would have been fun to have read the letters describing these items before the estate sale so I could have actually found some of those items.

There were also a few letters from his sweetheart Olive in the boxes.

(from Elmer to Olive)

It was so fun to get to know Elmer and Olive!

Thank you Kathleen of Faded Charm for hosting White Wednesday!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

What a fantastic find! I came across some old letters too sometime ago and I just adore them!!!! Enjoy yours!

Angela said...

Isn't that wonderful? I have read through letters like that and pieced together stories...it's a little like giving life to the people in the photos. ~ sigh ~

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get any better than that! Love letters from World War II... how romantic and sweet! How awesome that you found a picture of him and the French money... too cool!
Happy WW, Debbie!
~ Jo :)

McCarthy Designs said...

How onderful to find such a priceless treasure. To be able to read through the letters and piece together a part of history is so wonderful. xx

laurie -magpie ethel said...

That is so sweet...I would totally be sitting down and reading that box of letters. The names Elmer and Olive are so old-fashioned...sure don't hear them much anymore.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

That is so sweet...I would totally be sitting down and reading that box of letters. The names Elmer and Olive are so old-fashioned...sure don't hear them much anymore.

Faded Charm said...

This box was a great find indeed. How cool to be able to sit and read through all this wonderful stuff and even have photos to go with the names. You seem to find the best sales.

Take care,


Leanne said...

so sad that these were being sold instead of staying in the family... what a treasure you found!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they weren't still in the family but maybe there is no family left!
Have a Great Day!

gail said...

that is so wonderful....I feel like you are preserving a person's life with things like that.

sissie said...

I can just see a romance novel written about Olive and Elmer in a WWII setting. What a sweet love story it would be. You are so
lucky to have found such treasures.

My Mom and Dad were WWII sweethearts and unfortunately their letters were all destroyed in a flood.


Virginia said...

What a great find!
Elmer and Olive…sweet & romantic treasure.

julie miller said...

SWEET!! I love stories like this and what a great find!! Thanks for sharing! Smiles, Julie

A Cottage Muse said...

Love old letters! What a lucky find!!

chicroses said...

What a find! I have all my parents love letters and I get them out once in awhile...in one letter my dad said they were going to have special kids...

Creative Ambitions said...

So cool! Wow... great history!

Florence said...

Wow what a great find. Florence

Miss Gracie's House said...

What a treasure...so sweet...so sad...love it! The kind of finds that just speak to the heart! Love those chippy doors in the post below, too. You're right-you can never have to many chippy doors...they are an endangered species!
Have a great day!

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh! You are killing me! This is so cool! I am obsessed with WWII...what an awesome find!

m ^..^

Uncovered Ruby said...

What an awesome TREASURE!!! I would just be lost in all those letters..how wonderful!
Lisa ;-)

June said...

OMG Debbie this is so cool! What a great find! And French money too!!! I'm with Mfrom the OC cottage...you're killin' me with all these great finds you keep uncovering.

Thank you dear one for your lovely words to me. I am so grateful to know you!!!