Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, I've been cooped up in my studio looking at all my "need to do projects". I seem to be buying a lot of "good intention" items and they sit in the room waiting for me to do something with them. Today, I decided I would take pictures of necklaces and put wallpaper packages together. I created a slide show on my sidebar to show a few of the products I have available for sale. If you're in the market for any of these things, just email me and I can send you a PayPal invoice. To get a better view of the items, please click on the robot's face and you'll get a detailed description of the items and how you can get them.


Maison Douce said...

Great slide show!! I also love all your weekend finds, you scored big time!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hello! I'm so happy to find your pretty blog!! Love your pretty necklaces your create! I'm adding your blog to my blog list of "inspiring places to visit"!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie , That was a fun sale! I saw all your cute wallpaper sticking out of your bag and had Wallpaper Envy. But someone set down 2 full rolls of old Disney paper outside so I did get those. Maybe the people doing the sale unearthed them! It was a Digger. I started a blog today -
I am going to add you to my blog list. See you at Monticello , Sue