Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today was my #1's first day back to work. It felt a little strange having him gone, but it's a good strange. Tomorrow, I'll be back to work, working with the little kiddos in 1st grade. Boy, the summer sure went by fast!

Last night though we decided to go to McMenamins, at the Kennedy School, here in Portland. Indiana Jones was playing and since we hadn't seen it in the theater we wanted to catch it when it came to McMenamins. This is a fun and inexpensive treat. Tickets are only $3.00 so for that price I can wait for it to leave the big theater and come to a smaller one. You get all the comforts of home but with a big screen. We ordered hamburgers for the two of us and pizza for the boy! This McMenamins use to be an old schoolhouse. It was built in 1912 so you can imagine all the wonderful pictures and architecture there is to see. Here are a few snapshots of pictures and a mural on the wall. You can also go to their website and tour the school.

I would have loved to have gotten more pictures but there were people everywhere!

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toni said...

How did you like the movie? We still haven't seen it yet, but Amy said the alien bit was kind of weird...