Saturday, September 27, 2008

On the way into school yesterday I saw this beautiful spider's web, fortunately the spider was not around but isn't a web truly an amazing and intricate piece of work.

Last night I had a barbecue to go to at school so I was unable to go to an auction that same evening. My #1 was so sweet to go by himself and bid on a few items I was interested in. This auction is not just around the corner so he had a little ways to drive. What a good sport!

I love vintage paper and there was a lot there, but it was going for the big bucks. Here are a few pictures of some of the items he came home with.

These books are not in great shape but there's just something fun about them.

Vintage Christmas, and you know how much I enjoy that!

Not real sure what the goal was here, but I'm sure it was something wonderful!

This is an old wood box filled with vintage buttons.

And last but not least the box I wanted him to bid on. A box of old paper. I wasn't quite sure what was in it. I was hoping it was crepe paper but it ended up being some delicate vintage paper made in Hong Kong. There was a little crepe paper thrown in as well, still very pretty!

Finally, we celebrated Jonathan's birthday today as yesterday evening was spent with his friends. Can you see what we got him for his birthday?

This is a kid that doesn't ask for a lot of things. He has been so satisfied with his Nintendo 64 for years. We thought his 16 birthday would be a good time to get him a WII. It actually looks like a lot of fun too!


Nancy said...

Our kids grown up fast..our girl turned 18 this year and it seemed like yesterday she was 16. SHe bought herself a Wii for her 18th with her birthday money. :) I spy a "man chair" in your cottage room..heehee. We have one too. It's the only thing DH can call his own.

Denise said...

That was so sweet of him to go that auction for you. I have my boys trained .......they know my taste and would grab stuff for me. At estate would go upstairs, I would take the main level and one would go down the basement. They have grabbed some great things over the years. He looks like a great kid!

Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through...lovely pics,
Susannah x

toni said...

Happy Birthday, Jon! He's looking very tall! Is he Sophmore? Madison? Email me some day, Woman!
Sheeesh! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, I had to smile at your comment on my recent post - I just show the parts of the house that are neat and clean - LOL. Actually it always looks the best when we leave to do a show 'cause I pack it all up. I seem to think if its not piled on the couch then I won't price it. You know - out of sight out of mind. I Really need to work on that. Happy Junkin' this weekend. I'll check your blog to see what you got. Did you see the pics of Cynthias sale - definately has potential.