Monday, November 3, 2008

Well, we're dropping like flies around here. It must be the flu season. My #1 just got over the flu this past week. Now my son has it. It's a miserable cold and fever, not to fun! I haven't got hit yet! I'm running as fast as I can. So far, so good, I seem to be ahead of it. I did feel a need to clean the house though. I do love a clean house when you're sick! Not that I'm going to get sick, but just in case it's a little faster then me.


countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Debbie ~ can't remember where I found your blog...but I'm glad I did! Love it! So sorry your house is getting the flu...I'm running away from it at mine too!

I added you to my favorites if that I can come back and visit often!


laurie said...

Stay Well...this time of the year is too busy to be hammered by the flu bug!

brenda sue said...

I'm sorry your family has been sick. I got your message. Lets talk tomorrow. Love your blog. Arielle keeps looking at it for ideas

shirley said...

Hey Deb: Here I come looking for some new material on your site , but to no avail.

Thanks so much for Bob fixing my faucet. Now he will know that his mother-in-law told the world that he was kind to me.
Chalk one up for me. Love Mom

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweetie! Cute picture, btw! Up your Vitamin C - it has worked for me..well, knock on wood.

Sending hugs and virtual chicken soup!