Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Useful Vintage Items

I thought I'd share with you a couple of items that I use in my studio to hold different things that I will eventually use.

As you can see I've taken an old birdcage and converted it into a caddy for vintage threads and a few pincushion creations.

It's great because I can see what colors I have on hand, ready to use right away.

As you know I have a thing for these old wig heads.

This one I use to display different jewelry and any other fun pieces.

If I had enough room I think I would have a shelf of these.

I could display all my "bling" that is waiting in a box for me to use!

Wouldn't that be a fun shelf!

Lastly, I want to tell you about a FABULOUS Giveaway my friend Sue of Bella Shabby is having!

It's a Double Giveaway, two great items.

So be sure to stop by her blog and get your name in!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Florence said...

I love both of your ideas, it is so nice to actually see what we have rather than did in some box for it. I have a wig head, I think I will do just what you did with your treasures. Thank you. Florence

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Great ideas! The thread adds a neat look to the birdcage. ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie , Thanks for the shout out about my Giveaway! Love the birdcage idea but I sold all mine. LOL! Just so you know , you did not miss one good thing last weekend while you were gone "cause there was Nothing to go to. See you soon , Sue

Stephenie said...

What beautiful Idea's. You have some beautiful jewlery. I just love the idea with the birdcage..
I just found your blog tonight. I'm excited that I did. It's just so pretty. You have amazing things

Halo Hill said...

You are SO creative. I love your ideas, and your blog is so inspirational to me. Hope we get to meet someday, we're practically neighbors! (I live in MT. Angel, but you probably figured that out by now).

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank YOU for having such a wonderful blog.


Kathi said...

Cute ideas Debbie. You are creative. Kathi

The Green Pea said...

Great ideas, I like the birdcage holding your threads. sandi