Thursday, August 13, 2009

Roses, Something You Can Enjoy All Year!

As I sat in the kitchen my eyes glanced over at a small bouquet of pink roses.

I knew it was time to get rid of them as they had seen better days.

So, I went through and cut off all the roses or buds that didn't bloom completely.

I have collected a pretty good little stash of dried roses.

You know, for that project that just needs a little extra touch.

There's just something so pretty about dried roses.

I've bought roses from the store and sometimes they don't completely open.

When that happens they come out of the water and I turn them upside down and the drying process begins.

I seem to stay with pink and white roses.

But, I do have a yellow rose bush so yellow ones are dried as well.

Roses, something you can enjoy all year!

So, before you throw out that bouquet be sure to get your clippers out and snip off the ones that you can dry!

I hope you're enjoying your roses this year.


Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Debbie!
I only have one rose in "Whoville" .... but it's Double Delight so it's beautiful AND fragrant! Thank goodness for Costco .... and the red ones we bought yesterday had a wonderful scent. Unusual for store bought.
Could I use one of your pics for an upcoming post?
Have a super end-of-week!
Betty :)

stefanie said...

they turned out just gorgeous!!!!!

Lisa said...

Love roses!!
Hugs, Lisa

Florence said...

I have and I have been drying a lot of them this year.

June said...

I love dried roses and have them all over the house. Yours are lovely, Debbie. I adore that first picture with the pail.

debi said...

I agree...roses are just as beautiful dried.

misselaineous said...

Pretty , shabby roses. Hard to grow in FL, but I save blooms whenever I receive roses {not often!} clip the stems short and pile them in a small yellow ware bowl...memories, ya know??? *e*

Miss Gracie's House said...

I think I *almost* like them dried better than fresh! Lovely photos!
have a great weekend!