Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Finds!

Well, I hit the trail again today.

This time with my #1.

We do have a lot of fun together.

Here are a few things I found.

Flashcards were the item today.

I found about five boxes of 1964 flash cards at one sale and one 1942 set at another.

I couldn't believe I found so many.

I found a bunch of pretty 1940's curtains and a sweet rose bedspread.

You can see them in the first picture.

They all smelled like smoke so I quickly soaked them in oxi-clean and hung them on the line to dry.

Nothing like a beautiful sunny day and fresh laundry on the line.

One of the first things I found today were three child's wood hangers.

I always get a little thrill when I find them.

I think I've started another collection, I've got over three!

Then lastly, I saw this beautiful tree near an estate sale I went to today.

Does anyone know the name of this tree?

It has such beautiful pink flowers.

I know there are a lot of wonderful gardeners out there.

So, I'm depending on you as I have no idea of what it is!


Gail said...

Hi Debbie,
Great finds today! The tree looks just like the one in our front yard, crepe myrtle! They're beautiful this time of year.....

Lisa said...

WOW! You sure did luck out today!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I was going to tell you crepe myrtle...but Gail beat me to it! Funny how you can find so many of one item one day and then not find them again for awhile. Almost like it was raining flash cards today for you!!!

misselaineous said...

Well, I am a day late and 2 comments short...gonna say crepe myrtle but Gail & Laurie both beat me to it. I have several in my yard, not as big as the one you showed, but still growing. They are the closet thing to lilacs, but no smell, that we have in the south. Great score on the flash cards...the motherlode of addition!! happy Sunday *elaine*

Sarah said...

Adorable hangers! I love them!

Tracey said...

How cool, I can't believe you found so many vintage flash cards! I went to the flea market today, but I didn't find much...I did get a really lovely vintage rosary though :)


Denise said...

wonderful finds! I love those hangers cute. All those flashcards.......great finds..

Sharon said...

You find the most incredible things! I love the baby hangers! Do you go really early to estate sales to get your treasures? They are fabo!