Monday, December 7, 2009

A Few Talented Gals!

As promised, here are more pictures from the show at Monticello.
Remember you can still go if you're in town.
It will run through the 27th of December.

The first pictures are from my booth.
My sister doesn't get to make it to the show so, I'm bringing the show to her.

I won't be able to get through all the pictures I took but I'll give it a good start.
I'll begin with my friend Sue of  Bella.
She always does such a beautiful job at decorating and I just love the things she finds!

Next is Julie from Kindred Roses, another talented lady.

Jodi of  Duchess, she does not have a blog yet.
All three of these gals, besides being participants in the Christmas show, have regular booths at Monticello.

I've only shown you a few of the talented participates.
I'll try and get more pictures on real soon.


Florence said...

I so very much enjoyed this show and must get back over there, I will post on my visit there soon. Florence

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Everything is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us who wished we could go!

Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful pics and displays.

thanks for sharing them


barbara jean

Karen said...

I'm making the rounds, checking out everyone's blogs to see their pictures of Monticello. It's all very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment. I'm going to try and finish up my photos later today. I have a great shot of all your beautiful pillows :0) xo , Sue

Tamerie Shriver Halliday said...

The photos are amazing and it looks like Monticello was as well. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more.

Kathi said...

What pretty things. Wish I could attend this show. It's all so lovely. Kathi

June said...

Oh My Gosh girl...your booth is amazing!!! I am enjoying all the photos of the other's boothe as well. The little red shoe is adorable.

brenda sue said...

Deb - Your display is so beautiful! I loved everything. I especially love the burlap stocking... makes me want to make some for my house... I don't think they would turn out quite a cute tho. I also love the silver-ish ornaments like the ones you've given me the last couple of years...they have quickly become my favorites. You display it all so well. Wish I could be there to see it in person. Thanks for the pictures! Love ya. Oh and the cream trees are beautiful!