Friday, December 11, 2009

A Simple Christmas

I feel I should title this post "Good Mom, Bad Mom".

This year will be a simple Christmas.

I am not going up in the attic to pull down all the Christmas decorations.

Life has been so busy that simple sounds good.

Last year, I purchased a small flocked Christmas tree for my display at the shop so I decided to pull it out and find little vintage ornaments around the house to decorate the tree.

I'm quite confident if my son would have said, "Mom I think we need a tree!" I would have definatly got one.

But he was ok with it.

It's simple and sweet!

So instead I will sit here with my black stained hands, from dying his hair, and remember there are many ways we show our love to our children.

I hope you enjoy this Christmas Holiday as we remember the precious gift of Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie , I hear you! We almost didn't get a tree but tradition won out:0) It's still in the garage ( frozen solid in the washtub of water its setting in! ) waiting to be put up and decorated. Maybe by the 24th ?
The store counter in your space is turned out great.
Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas.

stefanie said...

The flocked tree is beautiful!! I think everyone is going smaller this year.

chair up said...

Hi Debbie, I'm with you, keep it simple. There are more important things to do in 15 yr old son is sporting a head of blonde highlights thanks to Mum :o)
Take it easy.

June said...

I love this post Debbie and you are so right! Put a little tinsel in his hair and call it good!
Have a wonderful weekend with your black stained hands sweet.

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

I remember the year without a tree. The girls never let me forget. We went to Leavenworth for a week right before Christmas so didnt get a real tree. However I did have a small pink tinsel tree with my old world ornaments....Wasnt good enough.. Sometimes we just need simple. After seeing your wonderful booth at Monticello, I totally understand. Wishing you many Christmas Blessings my friend

Julie, Kindred Roses

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Debbie, simple is good!!! Your tree is lovely and as beautiful as any. I think that at times we get too busy with the season to not really reflect on the true meaning (...and I'm one to talk!...)

LOL about the hair dye. Been there....done that. ...grimace....after thinking about my white cabinets being dyed as well..... ha.
Yea, the things we do for our kids.

Love ya,