Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Circus Animals Followed Me Home!

Ok, so do you have a favorite "store bought" cookie?

I'm afraid I have a few.

I was reminded of one of them last night while grocery shopping.

I just happened upon blue and white animal cookies!!!

I think I should have eaten first as I didn't have to think twice about grabbing them off the shelf.

Animal Cookies!

Not just plain animal cookies but covered with icing.

Blue and white, I had never tried that color yet!

After getting home and my cookies exposed to the rest of the family.

I had to return to the store the next day to purchase more.

Apparently I am not the only one that likes these little animals.

Mind you, only about a third of a bag is cookies, most of it is air.

(No animals were harmed during this photo shoot.)

But afterwards ........sorry I couldn't resist!

On another note my sweet friend Sue is having a wonderful giveaway.

So be sure to jump over to her blog and enter, that's after you tell me your favorite cookie.

Who knows maybe there's another cookie I'll need to test out!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Circus animal cookies don't do it for me. I just had a box of trader joes gingerbread men with icing that I could not stay away from - thank goodness they are seasonal and won't jump into my cart often!

Florence said...

Mollases taffy would be my favorite, great for dunking in hot cup of tea. Oh I should not get started, it is hard to stop. Florence

brenda sue said...

Ok, I'm not sure if I've ever met a cookie I didn't like (unfortunately) but one of my favorites would have to be Mint Millanos ( I think I spelled that right) and Oreos are irresistable. I did not know of this love of yours for animal cookies.... learn something new every day!

TheSmithHotel said...

Yes,I love those animal cookies! I didn't know that they made them in blue! Yummy! I have loads of cookies I love! This year my daughter joined the Girl Scouts-you know those pesky girls that try to sell you COOKIES!!! Just kidding! I LOVE thin mints! Could eat a box all by myself. So of course, I had to do my motherly duty and order......7 boxes.....Okay not all of them are thin mints.....well.....they have other cookies that are really good too and you know....for the kiddos lunch box.....if they make it to school.....I am a little hungry right now!

Stephanie said...

They look sooooo delightful...
and are such a inspiration.
Thank you for the Post.

chicroses said...

They are one of my favorite cookies...but Im on weight watchers so their out..I dont remember blue ones..but they were colored...just pink and white..???

Ericka said...

Those cookies look yummy!

Ericka R

My Grama's Soul said...

Those animal cookies are one of my favorites. I am still truing to figure out what the frosting is made from. Probably some mysterious ingredient that we cannot pronounce.

Cheers to you,


Sunny said...

I just happened by but I must say..
The circus animal cookies look totally yummy.
I've had chocolate covered animal cookies from one of our local gourmet stores and they are soooo good!
A steaming hot cup of coffee, 3 chocolate covered animal cookies and you are ready to die and go to Heaven!
what a fun post!

Ericka Rowley said...

o ya and one of my fav's are probley oreo

Miss Gracie's House said...

Those are pretty darn good! Those and oreos...and the mint chocolate ones that taste like girlscout cookies! THANKS for joining my giveaway!

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