Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Many Scarves?

So can a girl have to many scarves?

I actually think she can!

One thing I have enjoyed lately is crocheting in the evenings.

It can be so relaxing.

I've stopped at five scarves but I have more yarn looking at me waiting to be turned into something besides a round ball.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful organizations out there that will take these scarves and distribute them to people in need.

So, I feel like I can justify buying the yard and crocheting away.

On another note, I haven't done so hot with sales lately.

I did hit one last Saturday, but I didn't end up getting much.

I need to hit that "jackpot" sale as the Garden Show at Monticello
is coming up and I want to fill my space with wonderful garden items.

Here are a few things I found though, and I do mean a few!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Gail said...

Love your recent finds! I always love any book by Masha, so very sweet...I do agree, the sales have been few and far between here too. Even the thrift stores are not having anything great lately...oh well, it will pick up soon, I'm sure!

sandra lee said...

Your scarves are so cute and fun! You can never have too many...are you selling them? Love your blog, love nature!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Those are so cute! What a great way to spend these quiet January days...hear ya on not much junk these days!

brenda sue said...

Deb, I love the scarves you made. They are soooo pretty! Nice job. Wow, talent and beauty both, your quite the catch :)

June said...

Debbie I sure hope you do great at your next sale. Are people coming out and just not buying, or are they just not coming at all? We don't have many flea markets or sales here in Idaho, so I'm not very educated on this.
Your scarves are totally delish!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh how lovely! These are fabulous! You just keep on amazing me with your talent!!!


sparkled*life said...

I say you can never have too many scarves that is like saying you can have too many shoes. It just isn't possible :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think a woman can have too much of you? Love the scarves, you are doing such a wonderful job, I am so jealous...

Take care,