Monday, May 10, 2010

The Day After...

I hope you had a relaxing Mother's Day!

This little girl is tuckered out!

She had a houseful of people yesterday,which we enjoyed, but she gets so scared.

She's such a silly girl!

Guess what I got yesterday?

Yes, a Snowball tree!

My dear mother and father gave it to me.

My mom read my blog and since she has all those great mothering skills she saw what I wanted.

Isn't that sweet, she gave me a Mother's Day gift!

That's just like her!

Loving, caring and attentive to her children's needs and wants even now that we're grown.

My son and my #1 made a wonderful Mother's Day dinner for everyone on Sunday.

Chocolate was passed out to all the mothers.

Some ladies might get upset with chocolate, but I love it!

So this afternoon I kicked up my feet, looked through a new book and ate chocolate!

Thanks honey, you know what I like!

Since it was Mother's Day week-end, there weren't a lot of estate sales.

I did manage to go to one on Friday after work though.

It looked like it was a good one when it opened as I saw "sold" signs on many wonderful items.

I did pick up the pretty blue transferware pot.

I love it!

I especially like it filled with pretty roses.


Angela said...

It does look beautiful holding your roses!!

raggygirlvintage said...

Gorgeous pot, it just looks made for roses! Lindt is my fav too, do you know they make it in 300g blocks!!! Not good:-)

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a pretty pot, and I do always love pink roses!
Our kitty-cats are also frightened when there are visitors in our home.... they go into hiding!

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Sounds like the perfect day!!!

Deb said...

sounds like you had a great have a thoughtful Mom...

Florence said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I love the part to be able to sit and look at a special book. Florence

Lisa said...

Oh what a great day! I am so glad you had a good one!

Crystel said...

Your cat is so adorable!!! I'm in love...

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
I am so glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! That was so sweet of your parents to get you a snowball tree. I have been wanting one myself! The flowers are so lovely on that tree.
I hope you have a great week.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How wonderful that you got a snowball tree! I just recently was shown one at a friends' house and never knew what they were. I love them! The remind me of hydrangeas. My next purchase will be one of these.

So glad you had a delightful Mother's Day!

Love the pot!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of your pretty kitty. I have three that are often in my bloggy photos, kitties like to follow mom around everywhere... Your kitty looks a bit like a Maine Coon. Is she? I have always had at least one Maine Coon. They are the dearest of creatures. Enjoyed visiting your blog. Will be back again soon! Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault