Thursday, November 4, 2010

Portland Flower Market

I have been so caught up with "Mall Cops" the past couple of days.

I found it on Netflix last night and it fascinates me!

Hopefully, there's not a Season 2!

Otherwise two more days...

Yesterday, I got the chance to visit the Portland Flower Market with a couple of sweet friends, Kari and Kathryn

You need to be a member to visit so this was a special treat.

Besides flowers there were Fall and Christmas items.

Candles, glass, paper....

ribbon and more ribbon...

And then we went to the flowers....

Some of the most beautiful fresh flowers.

Beautiful....just beautiful!

I had a great time!

Thanks ladies!


kluless said...

Oh my GOSH! I have lived in Portland since 1974 and didn't even know this existed. How beautiful!

Florence said...

That market is so beautiful. The supplies are abundant. Glad you enjoyed your trip there. Florence

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Debbie... what a great place! I'll be you had a blast!
Enjoy your weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo

Curtains in My Tree said...

OMG I want to see more keep going.

We use to have something similar to that here a few years ago and I went with a friend and wanted everything , it was durning the Christmas season


Yumi's Blog said...

Oh' so many pretty flowers to choose! I like it. Wish I can also go there to buy some. Thanks for sharing.

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VintageLalo said...

Hi Debbie,
I'm new to blogging and stop by your blog frequently...The flowers on the West Coast are just amazing...What a great place to live with all the fantastic antique shows, too...I need to make plans to visit, it looks like a lot of fun!...Best wishes, Lalo.