Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't you just love Peonies? I think Peonies have got to be one of my most favorite flowers, lush, fragrant and the colors are so vibrant.

This has been a busy week. This is the final week of school, tomorrow will be my last day until September. It will be so nice to have the summer off.

We've also been busy creating my craft studio. We are still in the middle of this project, but I'm having a great time. I don't know if my husband is, but I am. He's doing such a great job!

To start, we had to clean out this room. That was a major project. Someone in this house has a big fishing collection. (o: Combining that with the rest of the clutter that had collected in this room made for a large project. I have to tell you, my studio is not big, only about 8'x10', but I am so excited to have a space where I can start projects and not have to clean up when I'm in the middle of them.

We took five pieces of furniture to Monticello and two large bags to Goodwill. Boy, does that feel good! Here are a few pictures of the before, minus a major part of the fishing collection.

More pictures to come!

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Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I cannot wait to see the final results! Have a great week!